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It was announced in May that Google had redesigned their Google Home app, showcasing cool features such as improved automation and better camera and live viewing. It proved to be a successful update, with many users raving about the changes making their smart home system easier to manage and more accessible. Oh if you're looking for advice on how to get started, why don't you read our guide on how to start a smart home with Google Assistant

Well, it was made public on Monday that Google are back with even more updates, particularly focusing around home automation capabilities. In its blog post, Google explained that there are 9 new starters and 9 new actions available for Household Routines. You can also set up sensors (including temperature, humidity, contact and occupancy) in the Google Home ecosystem and use them in automations. These updates are aimed at making your smart home more manageable on a day-to-day basis. Sounds great, right? 

A few examples of the added starters are:

Open/Close: When the window is opened, turn off the thermostat.

Device is plugged in/charging: When your EV is charging, it could automatically start playing music or downloading updates.

Temperature: When the temperature inside rises above 80 degrees, open the window and turn on the fan.

Volume is muted: When you mute your music, it could automatically turn off the speakers or start a timer.

Humidity Percentage: When humidity drops below 40%, turn on the humidifier.

Occupancy Sensing: When someone is detected in a certain zone or room, turn on the light.

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Here are some of the new actions:

Wake/Sleep: When I dismiss my alarm, slowly wake the lights over a one hour time period.

Open or Close device: Windows, doors, or blinds are a breeze to open or close with these actions: At 7 AM, open the blinds. At 10 PM close the blinds.

Pause/Unpause device: Simply pause or unpause devices such as your TV, music player, and video game. You can even control appliances like the vacuums, sprinklers, dishwasher, washer and dryer: When the doorbell rings, pause my robot vacuum. 

Timer: Start, pause, resume, or cancel timers for tasks such as cooking, cleaning and running errands. 

It's worth nothing that these new starters and actions won't work with every device. Google has stated that "device capability support is limited by the device manufacturer" and has provided a device capability list that shows users whether they'd be eligible for the update.  

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