The G-Shock evolves! New Casio models pair with the Charles Darwin Foundation

Pick out a top timepiece and show your support for the Galapagos Islands

The Casio G-Shock x Charles Darwin Foundation watches on a blue and yellow background
(Image credit: Casio G-Shock)

When you think of the best watches, there's probably a fairly specific range of products in your mind. Your holy grail might be crafted from precious metals, or have a beautifully intricate automatic movement within.

But that doesn't always have to be the case. While brilliant watch collections are flush with fantastic pieces, almost every single one also features a humble G-Shock. It's not exactly a surprise, either. The range has always been synonymous with ruggedness and reliability, making them a perfect beater watch.

Now, the range has been updated with a new collection. In collaboration with the Charles Darwin Foundation, the GW-B5600 model takes on three new finishes. 

Two black models are paired with a yellow variant. Each is then linked with a different animal. The watch faces show those off, as does the backlight. You'll find a hammerhead shark, a Darwin's finch and a Galapagos giant tortoise.

On the case back, you'll find the Charles Darwin Foundation logo engraved. Then, on the band, the words "I support Galapagos conservation" are found in Spanish. Each purchase sees some of the proceeds donated to the project, too.

Inside, the same module as the standard model can be found. That allows users to connect their watch to the Casio app on their smartphone, for automatic time adjustment and easy setting of the watch.

Elsewhere you'll find a 5 setting world time function, with 39 potential time zones and automatic summer time switching. There's also a stopwatch, a timer, 5 daily alarms and an hourly time signal, an LED backlight and a full automatic calendar which will run until the year 2099.

You can expect around 10 months of charge time in regular use, while a power saving mode can take that up to 22 months stored in total darkness. Oh, and if you opt not to have it linked up to your smartphone for timekeeping, expect accuracy of +/-15 seconds per month.

The model will be available soon. And, if you're looking for a G-Shock to evolve your collection, this is a fine option.

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