The Dualit Cocoatiser is a Velvetiser dupe that might make better hot chocolate

Dualit’s new Cocoatiser could give the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser a run for its money

A lifestyle image of the Dualit Cocoatiser being poured into a cup
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Dualit has just launched the Cocoatiser Hot Chocolate Maker, the ultimate Velvetiser dupe that might make better hot chocolate than the Hotel Chocolat original. With a similar design and chocolate making method, the Dualit Cocoatiser is sure to become a kitchen staple, thanks to its affordable price and easy-to-use system.

When the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser launched in 2018, it rocked the market and every hot chocolate drinker was dying to get their hands on it. The way it whips and froths hot chocolate makes it silky (or velvety) smooth, although there are a couple things to consider before buying it.

The first is the price with the Velvetiser retailing for £109.95. The best Velvetiser deals can help you save money on your purchase, and when you sign up to a refill subscription, you can cut the original price in half. Speaking of the refill subscription, the Velvetiser primarily works with its own chocolate sachets and flavours, which you’ll need to buy and replace on a regular basis.

Other brands have made their own hot chocolate makers to compete with the Velvetiser, including ProCook with its Milk Frother and Hot Chocolate Maker and Haier with its Multi Beverage Maker. Now, Dualit is jumping on the bandwagon too with its new Cocoatiser which takes a lot of pages out of Hotel Chocolat’s book.

The Dualit Cocoatiser creates delicious hot chocolate, mochas and milkshakes, using a range of unique accessories to add the perfect texture and froth to the milk. What sets it apart from the Velvetiser is you can use whatever type of chocolate you like (more on this below), so it’s much more versatile and easy to use. 

A close-up of the Dualit Cocoatiser in action

(Image credit: Dualit)

Looking at the Dualit Cocoatiser, it’s almost identical to the Velvetiser with its design. It's sleek, slim and has a similar size and style to the Velvetiser, although it doesn’t have the pouring handle. It comes in two finishes, copper or chrome, and has non-stick rubber feet so you can easily move it around your kitchen and surfaces.

Using the Dualit Cocoatiser is extremely simple, thanks to its one-touch operation. All you have to do is add the whisk attachment, your choice of milk or water and your chocolate of choice. Instead of sachets, you can use any chocolate you want with the Dualit Cocoatiser, including chocolate bars, flakes, buttons or powder.

Once everything is added to the Dualit Cocoatiser, you press the button and it whips and froths your drink before automatically switching itself off when it reaches the optimum temperature. It should take only a few minutes to make, and once you’ve poured your drink, the Dualit Cocoatiser is extremely easy to clean, too.

The Dualit Cocoatiser is available to buy at Dualit for £69.99.

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