Haier takes on the Velvetiser with new coffee and hot chocolate maker

Haier’s new Multi-Beverage maker takes tea, coffee and hot chocolate to the next level

Haier Multi-Beverage maker launch
(Image credit: Haier)

As unveiled at IFA 2023, Haier has announced a new Multi-Beverage maker that’s set to rival the likes of Hotel Chocolat’s The Velvetiser. Taking tea, coffee and hot chocolate to the next level, the Haier Multi-Beverage maker can be used to make a variety of beverages, and cancels out the need for single-use pods in a sustainable move for the brand.

Haier is best known for its range of the best washing machines and the best fridges. Alongside these large household appliances, Haier has since expanded into smaller cooking appliances and at IFA, the brand showcased its all-new KSDA Series 5. The line is characterised as ‘solutions that offer professional performance and extreme versatility of use’ and having got to see the KSDA Series 5 in its entirety, I’d be inclined to agree.

The new products in the KSDA Series 5 include a kettle, toaster, blender, food processor, hand blender, air fryer and multi-beverage machine. Each product is made with premium non-stick materials with multiple programmes and cooking functions.

What struck me most when looking at the new KSDA Series 5 is its attention to detail. For example, the toaster has different lever options so you can evenly toast any size or type of bread, and easily get it out without risking burning yourself. While this might sound like an obvious feature to have, you’d be surprised how many toasters lack this crucial functionality.

During IFA 2023, I was invited to view the new Haier products and the Haier Multi-Beverage maker really stuck out to me. It looks similar to a kettle, but it has multiple functions that make a wide range of drinks. It has seven programmes to choose from, including hot foam, cold foam, hot milk, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and infusion, all of which can be selected via the LED touch controls.

Haier KSDA Series 5

(Image credit: Haier)

The Haier Multi-Beverage maker looks simple and understated, and its compact size is ideal for small kitchens or those lacking in countertop space. It can easily be compared to a filter coffee machine in terms of its design, but as I got a tour through its many features and functions, I was most intrigued by its hot chocolate setting.

As of writing, there aren’t too many hot chocolate machines on the market, and the most popular one available is always in high demand. The Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser (which T3 gave 5 stars in our Velvetiser review) is arguably the most popular hot chocolate maker today, thanks to its quick and professional ability to make deliciously smooth hot chocolate in just a few minutes.

After checking out the Haier Multi-Beverage maker, I think it could rival the Velvetiser. The way the brewing process was described to me during IFA sounded a lot like how the Velvetiser works, with both using a mixture of heating and frothing. With a choice of hot and cold foam and milk, it looks like the Haier Multi-Beverage maker could be a new easy and tasty way to make hot chocolate.

While it might cost a little more than the Velvetiser, the Haier Multi-Beverage maker can effectively make tea, coffees and other hot beverages, thanks to its detachable milk frothing whisk and filter, so you're getting more than you might expect. The Haier Multi-Beverage maker is set to be launched towards the end of 2023 and will be available for £149.99.

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