Razer's Iskur V2 brings gaming chair upgrades that hardcore gamers will love

The Razer Iskur V2 looks like it could be the greatest gaming chair ever made

Razer Iskur V2 gaming chair
(Image credit: Razer)

When it comes to the best gaming chairs, T3's guide makes no hesitation in calling out the best gaming chair for hardcore gamers. It's the Razer Iskur, but of course. But now gamers can go one better: as revealed at the world's largest tech show, CES 2024, is the all-new second-generation model – which will have the gaming elite frothing at the mouth. 

The appropriately named Razer Iskur V2 is the second-generation model that is "the world's first and only gaming chair with individually sculpted lumbar support". Indeed, Razer calls this a "6D support system", enabling lumbar support across six axes that go in, out, up, down, left and right. 

Whilst T3's Iskur review said that "the luxury chair embodies brilliant design from small touches to genuine innovation," it also "might not suit the larger gamer". Well, Razer has just gone and fixed that with the Iskur V2 – it offers an expanded range to cater for those from 160-to-200cm tall (so 5ft2-to-6ft6). 

Razer Iskur V2 gaming chair

(Image credit: Razer)

Beyond that there's a whole heap of comfort added to the classically Razer black-and-green design: it's sculpted to better support your back's curvature, but can also accommodate wider shoulder arches, plus has a wider seat base so you can fit behinds of all kinds into that seat. The forward lumbar adjustment is also accommodated within the seat structure better, so won't 'push you off' from your seating position.

Taking things to the extreme, the Iskur 2's recline can go right back to 139-degrees – considerably more than before – should, who knows, you want to just lay back and chill for a bit. Or maybe have a little snooze between those gaming sessions to sharpen up.

The Razer Iskur V2 will go on order from today, 8 January 2024, with an asking price of $649.99. There's no other territory pricing at the time of writing, but that's not a gigantic price increase over the original, which is widely regarded as a luxury gaming chair worth its cover price.

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