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Light up your living room and chillax

Dave Made a Maze
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We're not far away from the 20th of April and that means that folks across the USA (in appropriate states) should probably start thinking about a few great movies to watch while they might be indisposed. Oh and don't forget the snacks either! 

Whatever you're doing that weekend, there's no reason not to sit down and enjoy these top 'stoner comedies'.  Don't worry we aren't recommending 420 movies, just five. A mix of timeless classics and newer entries to the genre, they're some of our favourite films to stick on and just chill out. So check out this selection across the best streaming services

1. The Big Lebowski

Perhaps the defining movie of the genre, The Big Lebowski is a superbly aimless flick from the Coen brothers that is an absolute must-watch. Jeff Bridges plays 'The Dude' a regular slacker who loves nothing more than chilling out and bowling with his friends. 

After a case of mistaken identity sees him attacked, The Dude is hired by his namesake (the so-called 'Big' Lebowski) to negotiate his wife's release from the mafia. The plot only gets crazier from there, but you have to stick with it and just enjoy the madness of the moment. The Dude's wisdom is legendary. Julianne Moore, John Goodman and Steve Buscemi co-star. 

Catch The Big Lebowski on Sky (UK) or Hulu/Peacock (US). 

2. Dave Made a Maze 

An incredibly trippy horror comedy, Dave Made a Maze is a superb film that's a visual treat. 

Slacker Dave has made a maze in a cardboard box in his living room. He can't get out, so his friends go in the retrieve him (and film a documentary in the process). Dave's maze is revealed to be a cardboard deathtrap even containing its own Minotaur. This is a superbly goofy film that gives a mix of Saw and Scooby-Doo vibes in the best possible way. Everything has an arts and crafts aesthetic (even the blood is red construction paper) and there is plenty of heart to boot. Don't worry though, it's not scary. 

Dave Made a Maze is on Amazon Prime Video.

3. This is the End

Seth Rogen is the master of this genre and This is the End is one of his finest works. He and his celebrity friends play fictional versions of themselves having a wild party when the apocalypse hits. To describe them as ill-prepared would be an understatement. But what is happening and is there any hope of escape? 

It's outrageously silly but this is a movie that scratches an itch very well. There are countless cameos from fellow celebrity sinners, but watch out in particular for cameos from Channing Tatum and a certain Harry Potter star. Just remember, it's only the apocalypse on screen. 

This is the End is available on Netflix (UK) and Prime Video (US).

4. Dazed and Confused

Another classic, Dazed and Confused is a film that's now over 30 years old but just as relevant as ever. Richard Linklater's classic is the tale of a whole host of kids in 1976 Texas on graduation night. 

Those graduating junior high are ruthlessly hazed by the Seniors, led by the cruel O'Bannion (Ben Affleck) but aside from that there's no real plot or central narrative to this movie. Instead, it's a true anthology of kids and young adults trying to have a good time and also figure out what the future holds. This sounds like a negative but that couldn't be further from the truth. To use modern-day parlance, this is a movie that captures "no thought, just vibes" perfectly.

It also stars pretty much everyone in Hollywood in a baby-faced form. Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, Parker Posey, Renee Zelwegger and Mila Jovovich are just some of the familiar names. 

Watch Dazed and Confused on Sky (UK) or Peacock (US). 

5. Face/Off

This is a movie that feels like a trip at the best of times and I absolutely love it. Nicholas Cage and John Travolta face off as criminal and cop, but which one is which? After literally switching faces, the two scrap over and over again on opposite sides of the law. 

Some of the logic shouldn't be questioned, why does supervillain Castor Troy use gold guns? Do they swap eyes and teeth too? What about blood types? Don't think about it. 

Full of some of the finest capital A 'acting' this is a brilliant cheesy action movie that has long been rumoured to be getting a sequel but I'm yet to see anything of it. At this point, I'd love a modern remake. Who would you have swapping faces in a 2024 version? 

Face/Off is streaming on Disney+ (UK) and Peacock/Paramount + (US). 

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