The Apple iPhone 12 Pro news we wanted to hear just got confirmed

For Apple fans eagerly waiting for the iPhone 12 Pro flagship, this news is like manna from heaven

Apple new iPhone 12
(Image credit: Jonas Daehnert)

It is fair to say that the iPhone 12 range of smartphones has not had the smoothest road to release so far, with the current issues causing the economic global downturn reportedly effecting Apple's production and supply chain.

Indeed, over the past couple of weeks numerous reports have indicated that the Apple iPhone 12 was experiencing mass production delays and that its launch was going to be pushed back by a month.

In more positive news, though, it looks like the new iPhone 12 range will absolutely be worth the wait, with it delivering rapid 5G connectivity, a smart new 3D camera system, a smoking hot new processor, a suite of advanced new software features and four different models for people to choose from.

And, for those Apple fans who have been eyeing up an Apple iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max model from the new range, the news they were desperate to hear has excitingly just been confirmed.

As reported by respected Apple-focused website Macworld, that great news is that there will be no price rise on the iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max despite larger screens, 5G connectivity and a raft of improvements. The report is based on comments made by Apple leakster Jon Prosser, who posted this on Twitter recently:

In the Tweet Prosser states that the iPhone 12 Pro, which is coming with a 6.1-inch OLED screen, 5G and a triple camera setup with LiDAR sensor, will cost $999 at launch. The iPhone 11 Pro also launched at $999.

In addition, Prosser states that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will ring in at $1,099 at launch, and come packing a 6.7-inch OLED screen, 5G and the same triple camera with LiDAR sensor rear camera array. The iPhone 11 Pro Max also launched at $1,099.

Simply put, this is great news for Apple fans, as there had been concerns that this year's Apple phones could all see price rises. The truth though seems to be that the Pro and Pro Max will both cost the same as last year's handsets and, while neither of those phones can be considered cheap, it is welcoming that in what will no doubt have been a challenging year for most people financially, they can at least maintain their upgrade plans.

Hopefully we will learn more about the entire iPhone 12 range soon, and get confirmation as to whether that rumoured delay is true or not. As to what the Apple iPhone 12 will look like, our best visualisation yet comes courtesy of Jonas Daehnert, who put together a render based on the very latest leaks and rumours (see below).

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