The 5 biggest new shows and movies coming to Netflix this April

5 of the best for April

Baby Reindeer
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Somehow we are into April already. March was a strong month for content on the best streaming services, but we're already excited by April's offering. 

The pick of April 2024 on Netflix is undoubtedly the new adaptation of The Talented Mr Ripley now just dubbed Ripley. But if for some reason you don't have an Andrew Scott-shaped hole in your life, there's plenty else going on too. We're talking sci-fi, stalking and journalistic scoops. 

Here are the 5 biggest new movies and shows on the streaming service this April. 

1. Ripley

The undisputed headline arrival for Netflix this month is Ripley. This remake of the classic novel (and its excellent film adaption) looks like a cinematic feast. Andrew Scott stars as the title character alongside Johnny Flynn as Dickie and Dakota Fanning as Marge.

To be frank, this looks like Netflix's most worthy show of 2024 and although it's a story millions of us already know, I can't wait. Scott does complex characters so well and Tom Ripley is about as complex as they come. 

Ripley is streaming from April 4th.

2. Scoop

A feature-length retelling of that incredible Prince Andrew interview. Gillian Anderson stars as Emily Maitlis, the interviewer who got more than she ever could have imagined. This film dives into not just the interview itself but also the process of securing it. Billie Piper and Keeley Hawes round out a powerhouse trio of journalists, while Rufus Sewell is almost unrecognisable as Prince Andrew himself.

Expect awkwardness aplenty and some hard truths on the 5th of April. 

3. Baby Reindeer

This is a curious one. Based on the true story of star Richard Gadd, this darkly comic series sees a down-on-his-luck comedian (Gadd) deal with a long-time stalker (Jessica Gunning). 

After he did her one single favour, Gadd found himself the subject of Martha's obsession with hundreds of voice messages and over 40,000 emails from her. It doesn't necessarily sound like prime comedy material but the trailer is plenty funny. I for one am intrigued and keen to give it a go. 

Baby Reindeer creeps onto Netflix on April 11th. 

4. Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver

The second instalment of Zack Snyder's sci-fi epic. Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire launched last Christmas to mixed (to put it politely) reviews. Initially pitched by Snyder as a Star Wars movie, its influences are clear. The Rebel Moon project is the most expensive Netflix has ever undertaken (reportedly $ 166 million) so hopefully, the second part is worth the investment. 

Certainly, if you've seen the first movie, it's nice that the film's cliffhanger will be answered just four months after the original. The space opera stars Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunham and even the voice of Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Travel back to the world of Rebel Moon on April 19th. 

5. Together: Treble Winners 

Not my team, but if you happen to be of the Manchester City persuasion, or just love a football documentary, Netflix has you covered this April. 

Together: Treble Winners follows Pep Guardiola's men as they achieve a remarkable season of football with victory in all three of the Premier League, FA Cup and most importantly - the Champions League (their first ever).  Expect to see a lot of Jack Grealish celebrating and loving life as well as Erling Haaland scoring a frankly disgusting amount of goals. Remarkably it's a feat they could achieve again this season (at the time of writing! 

Together: Treble Winners hits Netflix on April 2nd. 

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