Tesla brings its latest home innovation to the UK

The company is ready to power up the county with the Powerwall 3

Tesla Powerwall 3 launches in UK
(Image credit: Tesla)

Tesla has unleashed its latest home battery marvel, the Powerwall 3, upon the UK, taking home energy management to electrifying new heights.

Building on the groundbreaking Powerwall 1 (2015) and Powerwall 2 (2017), the Powerwall 3 can now power most European homes, storing excess solar energy generated during the day for peak savings at night.

Boasting more than double the output of its predecessor and output ranging from 3.68 kW to a whopping 11.04 kW, the Powerwall 3 can handle any home, big or small, and is ready to power up a wide array of appliances.

To put it in perspective, UK households can cut their grid reliance by up to 90% with Powerwall 3’s Self-Consumption mode, drastically slashing energy bills.

Better still, the Time-Based Control mode supercharges these savings by optimising energy use based on time-of-day pricing up to £1,450 per year.

Drawing from the advanced thermal management of Tesla’s Model 3, Powerwall 3 is designed to perform under extreme conditions.

It thrives in temperatures from -20°C to 50°C and can endure high humidity and flooding up to 60 cm, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor setups.

No need to buy a portable power station for emergencies; the Powerwall 3 is capable of detecting outages and helping you plan ahead. For instance, thanks to the Storm Watch feature, it preps for bad weather by charging to full capacity, ensuring your home stays powered through any storm.

When paired with Tesla vehicles, the Powerwall 3 unlocks exclusive features like Charge on Solar, enabling car charging with surplus solar power. Off-grid charging? Absolutely.

Powerwall 3 is now available in the UK now where Certified Installers can purchase from Tesla for £5,500 (unit cost only; whilst VAT is excluded on batteries in the UK, delivery, installation, or other costs and fees will apply). For more info, visit Tesla today.

Matt Kollat
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