Tag Heuer launches £4250 Link luxury mobile phone

Tag's second luxe handset arrives with Android

'Cause he's a dedicated follower of fashion...

What do you buy the Android fan who has everything? Book vouchers. Cooking lessons. A day out at Wimbledon. There's a pretty long list of things, really. And somewhere way down on that list is the new Link mobile phone from luxury timepiece peddlars Tag Heuer.

The handset - described by Tag Heuer as offering "unprecedented functionality" and an "avant-garde operating system" - will set you back 4700 Euros, or around £4247. For this you receive a holographic projector, an X-Ray camera that sees through clothes and a case made by God himself from bits he had left over after doing Maria Sharapova's legs. Except instead of those things you get Android Gingerbread, a 3.5" screen and a five-megapixel camera that can't even see through chiffron. And maybe some alligator skin.

Still, at least your four-and-a-bit grand buys you some peace of mind - the Tag Heuer Link comes with a screen made out of gorilla glass, the super-tough material used to make the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S2, so dropping it shouldn't be a problem (unless you're in a helicopter, which, as someone who spends £4247 on a phone, you will be). If the Link's innards are merely so-so, at least Tag Heuer hasn't skimped on the facade - the Link can be had in steel, titanium or rose gold, and finished in the skins of various exotic animals of the kind prospective Link owners probably shoot while on safari. Unless you plump for the £4247 entry-level model, in which case it's rubber and steel all round for you, chum.

We've had no word on when and if the Link will touch down in Blighty, but our guy in The Carphone Warehouse said he'd be getting back to us just as soon as he heard anything. In the meantime, you can check out the ad for the Tag Heuer Link below.

Tag Heuer Link advert