T3 Awards 2020: EE is our our 5G Champion award winner!

With its broad roll-out of the technology and fast speeds, EE wins our 5G Champion award!

T3 Awards 2020: 5G Champion
(Image credit: EE)

There's no doubt 5G is going to transform the way we use our phones, our laptops, and our smart home devices, and that's before we get into its applications in self-driving vehicles, smart city infrastructure, and medical uses. It's a truly revolutionary technology, and no one is doing more to get us to the 5G future faster than EE, which is why we're proud to give our 5G Champion award at the T3 Awards 2020.

5G can be found in more places in the UK on the EE network than on any of its competitors, with the super-fast tech now live in more than 80 cities and large towns in the UK. From Manchester to Motherwell, from Liverpool to Lichfield, you can get a 5G signal in a growing number of spots.

Not only that, but EE is specifically targeting places with high footfall for its first wave of 5G roll outs. Spots such as Victoria Square, the Mailbox and Brindley Place in Birmingham, and Piccadilly Circus, Clapham Common, and Hampton Court Palace gardens in London have been chosen to ensure as many people as possible can get connected while they're out and about.

4G download speeds currently average 30 megabits per second (Mb/s), and 5G on EE can already up that to around 100 Mb/s. Eventually, it could achieve speeds of up to  1000 Mb/s, or 1 gigabit per second (1Gb/s). 5G is about more than just blazing fast upload and download speeds, though: the technology also means massive increases in the capacity of networks, so you won't suddenly find yourself without signal at a busy shopping centre, music gig or football match.

EE is showing no signs of slowing down with its 5G roll-out either. The upgraded tech will work seamlessly with 4G as the expansion continues, so you'll be guaranteed a strong signal in more and more places in the UK.

The EE commitment to 5G extends to the contracts and the phones it offers, as well as the infrastructure. You can't get 5G speeds without a 5G phone, and best 5G phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G and the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G are among those currently offered by the network – all with sleek looks and plenty of power to add to the top-tier connection speeds.

EE also offers a couple of 5G routers you can get and set up at home, giving you and your devices mobile hotspot speeds that rival fibre broadband. Both phones and routers come with comprehensive 5G data plans and easy ways to monitor your data usage, so you can upgrade your network speeds as cheaply as possible.

We're hugely excited by the potential of 5G, and we're pleased to see EE is just as excited as we are. It has 5G in more places in the UK than anyone else, and continues to push out more infrastructure technology, more 5G plans, and more information to consumers.

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