T3 Agenda: Use your Polar V800 sports watch to control a GoPro, Columbia's eco-friendly rain jacket and more

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In today's edition of the T3 Agenda, you'll find the new connectivity between Polar's best wearables and GoPro, a new interactive game based on 24: Legacy that's coming to Facebook and more...

You can now use your Polar V800 GPS sports watch to control your favourite GoPro action camera

Polar - the firm known for its range of heart rate monitors, bike computers and activity trackers - has just announced a new deal that will see GoPro connectivity and functionality added to one of its flagship devices, the Polar V800 GPS sports watch.

From the comfort of your rugged wearable you'll be able to capture photos, start and stop video recording, and tag HiLights in video mode - all via your shiny new Polar V800.

The idea here is bring you closer to your action camera and make controlling it that bit smoother. So you can use it to do everything from operate basic commands on your GoPro HERO4 camera to viewing the remaining battery life on the camera.

Polar V800 and GoPro remote camera control functionality is available now. Polar V800 is available at polar.com for £389.99/$499.95 and is compatible with GoPro HERO4 Black and GoPro HERO4 Silver.

Get your Bauer on (or not) with the new 24: Legacy game for Facebook Messenger

Okay, so Jack Bauer isn't in it (sob), but nevertheless Fox has released a new interactive game for Facebook Messenger to celebrate the arrival of new TV show revival, 24: Legacy.

24: Legacy Game, FNG is the software in question, and it's all about using Facebook chatbot technology to create a tense mystery via cryptic instructions, video, audio and other rich media that elaborate on the world of ‘24’.

24: Legacy Game, FNG went live today and you can find it here (you'll just need to log in with your Facebook/Facebook Messenger account). 24: Legacy premiers    in the UK on Fox tomorrow at 9pm.

Keep dry (and enviromentally minded) with Columbia's OutDry Extreme Eco Rain Jacket

Available next month, Columbia's new OutDry Extreme Eco Rain Jacket brings together breathable fabric, a weatherproof design and an eco-friendly construction - all in the same stylish package.

Made without the use of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), the Columbia OutDry Extreme Eco Rain Jacket is made of 21 recycled plastic bottles and saves approximately 13 gallons of water by choosing to keep it dye-free. So not only are you donning a state-of-the-art waterproof shell, you're also actively helping the environment.

The Columbia OutDry Extreme Eco Shell will be available on 1 March for £160 via Cotswold Outdoor.

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