T3 Agenda: Transform your media with the immersive Glyph wearable, charge up your devices with a USB lamp and more

T3's daily roundup of the best new announcements from the world of tech

In today's take on the T3 Agenda, the Glyph wearable turns everything from drone footage to your favourite films into an immersive experience, a dimmable light that charges up your USB devices and more...

This new wearable beams beams imagery onto millions of microscopic mirrors

Say hello to Glyph, a new cinematic wearable that's a cross between a VR headset and an immersive 3D visor. Created by tech firm Avegant, the Glyph does away with a regular screen and instead uses a low power LED projection that beams imagery onto millions of microscopic mirrors and mimics natural eyesight.

It works with most types of existing media, including 360-degree experiences and side-by-side 3D - you can use it to watch films, play games and even immerse yourself in drone footage. Pretty neat, huh?  It also boasts fully adjustable optics that compensate for most prescriptions, so you don't need to wear glasses or contact lenses to use it!

With in built speakers, a 1280x720p resolution per eye and and up to four hours video playback, the Glyph is compatible with practically any TV, games console or smartphone so you should be able to transform any media in your home.

The Glyph is now available exclusively from Selfridges with a price tag of £529.99. You can pick one up online or in-store.

Check out this dimmable table lamp that lights up and charges your smartphone

The Macally Lampcharge is a compact table lamp with a warm soft white light that also happens to serve as a USB charger to charge your USB powered mobile devices. This little light up wonder is touch controlled and provides three levels of brightness alongside four USB ports with Smart IC so you can quickly and efficiently charge your iPad/tablet, iPhone/smartphone and any other USB powered mobile device.

Its compact size makes it ideal for use on your desk, your bedside table or out in the hallway where it won't take up hardly any room at all. So if you're looking to charge up your phone and fitness tracker AND give your chosen room a little moody illumination, the Macally Lampcharge might just be the tech mashup you never knew you needed.

It's available to buy now with a price tag of €39.95. You can get one on Amazon right now for just over £39

This AEG 9000 Series washing machine comes with a built-in softener

AEG has just unveiled the world’s first SoftWater Technology-driven washing machine, one that purifies and softens water before it even enters the drum – allowing detergents to work at their very best to prevent favourite clothes from fading.

The AEG 9000 Series features ProSteam Tech, which uses short, gentle steam programs to safely remove odours and reduce creases in dry fabrics. It also automatically weighs each load to provide a tailored cycle, meaning clothes will never be over-washed.

It even washes clothes in under an hour with great results and low energy consumption. So pretty nifty, even for a high-end washing machine. You can order one today from John Lewis for only £949.

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