T3 Agenda: GoPro's auto-editing QuikStories app. The new Xbox One controller for PC adaptor. And more!

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It's Thursday, and that can only mean... the Thursday edition of the re-energised T3 Agenda is here! Today, we're giving our GoPro footage an on-the-go edit, we plug in Microsoft's slimmed down Xbox One controller adaptor, and more...

The new GoPro QuikStories app will automatically edit the best footage as you shoot it

GoPro has relaunched its Quick app, making the whole process of editing your best action camera footage quick, easy and automatic. Yes, we said automatic - the new QuikStories app will automatically determine which bits of footage are best and automatically chop them up and transfer to your smartphone, ready for sharing on social media.

Designed for use with the Hero5, the app works with your action camera and creates ready-to-share videos in seconds. QuikStories are polished, shareable videos featuring customisable music, filters, and effects. However, keep in mind that the app's algorithms might not always pick the footage you prefer to be sure to shoot in small bursts to get the clips you want.

QuikStories is now available for Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session users. To get started, download the new GoPro app from the Apple App Store or Google Play today.

The new Microsoft Xbox One controller adaptor is now even smaller. S'cute!

While Sony was keen to get PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 controller ready for the PC market, nothing quite beats using a Microsoft-made pad with your overclocked tower/laptop of choice. However, some of the adaptors we've had to use over the years have hardly been that user-friendly.

Well, that's all about to change with the launch of a slime-line, USB-stick-sized version that's perfect for PC towers or gaming laptops being played on the go. According to Microsoft, the new Xbox Wireless Adapter is a whole 66% smaller than one released in 2015, which might be a stretch, but it's certainly a welcome hardware refresh.

The new adaptor will work with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, but keep in mind it'll only do so on PCs/laptops running Windows 10. It'll be launching on 8 August and will retail for $24.99 (£20).

Voice control your lights with Lutron Electronics' new Google Assistant integration 

Lutron Electronics today announced the launch of integration with the Google Assistant which enables you to easily control your lighting with Lutron GRAFIK RA 2 and HomeWorks QS systems using Google Home, offering greater flexibility and peace of mind. 

Now – with a few words – you can have hands-free assistance controlling lights in your connected home, whether you’re in your living room relaxing on the couch or away from home.

In addition to Google Home, the integration with Lutron and the Google Assistant is available with the Assistant on eligible Android phones and iPhones. So, for instance, you can stop worrying about leaving the lights on by saying, "Ok, Google, turn on goodbye."

The Google Assistant works with Lutron’s GRAFIK RA 2 and HomeWorks QS systems via the Lutron Connect Bridge and App. The free Lutron Connect App is available for both Apple and Android smart devices.

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