T3 Agenda: Chance Nothing with Canada Goose's new spring jackets, lean back and relax with the SitPack and more...

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Today's edition of the T3 Agenda includes a new collection of wind-breaking jackets from Canada Goose, a new portable chair that's not what you're expecting and more...

Canada Goose's new 'Chance Nothing' collection gets you prepared for a cold Spring 2017 

With winter still in full swing, and the spring still seemingly nowhere to be seen, there's never been a better time to invest in some quality threads to keep you warm before things heat up.

Take the new Spring 2017 collection from Canadian luxury Arctic apparel manufacturer Canada Goose, entitled 'Chance Nothing' and filled with the kind of jackets that look as swish they do cosy.

The collection includes 18 new styles with five new proprietary fabrics, including the Heavy and UltraLight Windwear (to help break those gales and keep the cold out), the refined look of the Ultralight Down and the ultimate mobility of the Lightweight Soft Shells.

The collection varies in price so head on over to Canada Goose's official store and start shopping today!

Ensure you can always take a breather with the unique portable seat, the SitPack

Every been out on a run and needed to stop for a quick sit and a breather, but found nowhere in sit to park your behind? Sick and tired of waiting on your feet at the station while you wait for your train home? Well, frown no more because the new SitPack is here to bring portable seats to the masses.

The compact design might look like a large can, but it's actually a seat and telescopic stand that folds out in seconds. Its 16.8cm in height with a 6.5cm diameter, enabling you to comfortably take the weight off your foot in a variety of settings.

It supports up to 100kg of weight and has a rubberised foot to ensure it doesn't slip when you sit down. You can order one today from Amazon for as little as £50.

TomTom's new sports app arrives in the UK

TomTom has just launched its new Sports app, which replaces the firm's old MySports software. The new smartphone program includes new motivational messages, activity trends and performance stats all dressed up in a brand new interface.

It can track up to 12 different activity types ranging from running, cycling and swimming to skiing, trail running and hiking. It can also help you track past achievements and events so you can see how well you're doing over time.

It also offers data sharing with a range of third party platforms such as Strava, Nike+, Endomondo, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper and many more. You can download it today for free on Android and iOS.

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