Apple Music slaps down Spotify Wrapped, letting users share their music stats too

Apple is quite literally back once again with the ill behaviour, revealing your most played of last year

Spotify Wrapped Statistics

If you're an Apple Music subscriber, you're almost certainly feeling left out by the constant barrage of social media posts shared by Spotify users touting their music streaming statistics for the last 12 months on the service. They can prove they listened to Pitchfork's Top 10 albums the most, and are heavily into deep Latino garage. Can you? Nope. 

Dubbed Wrapped, Spotify users can find out their most played artists and songs, as well the total number of minutes spent listening to music and favourite genre.

Unfortunately, Apple Music has yet to offer a similar feature, leaving its subscribers in the dark about their favourite tracks of 2018, total time spent streaming tracks and preferred genre of the last 12 months.

But wait, what's this?

Music social network NoiseHub has developed a standalone app that mimics the functionality of Spotify Wrapped for streaming rival Apple Music.

Dubbed Music Year in Review, the app puts together a snapshot of your listening habits of the last year, including the total number of hours spent listening to your favourite artist,  as well as top genre, top song and top artist of the last 12 months. 

There's also a rundown of your top 5 songs and artists, too. These statistics can be shared via social media directly from within the app.

In comparison to the data-rich Spotify Wrapped, this third-party solution is a little rudimentary. However, with Apple Music listeners otherwise set to lose out on the ability to check on their listening statistics – we'll take it.

For those who desperately want more statistics about how they spend their time with the Music app on their iPhone or iPad, it's worth checking out alternative apps snd.wave, Play Time and SongsInfo, which offer up more detail about your listening habits.

However, these apps aren't tailored to share a summary of the last year, so you'll be looking at your all-time favourites instead.

Given how ridiculously popular Spotify Wrapped has become, we'd be surprised if Apple isn't busy working on an equivalent feature for its music streaming service. Or maybe it will buy Last.FM.

Aaron Brown

As a former Staff Writer for T3, Aaron writes about almost anything shiny and techie. When he’s not barking orders at Alexa-powered microwaves or gawping at 5G speed tests, Aaron covers everything from smartphones, tablets and laptops, to speakers, TVs and smart home gadgets. Prior to joining T3, Aaron worked at the Daily Express and and MailOnline.