PS5 brings updated PlayStation App to sucker-punch Xbox Series X

Sony has upgraded the mobile app ahead of the PS5 launch with some cool new tricks

PS5 PlayStation App
(Image credit: Sony)

With the PS5 only a few short weeks away all eyes are on the next-gen console and the upgrades it'll bring into every gamer's life. With a powerful SSD leading the way towards an all-around better experience, it's hard not to be excited. 

Well, Sony has decided it's not just the PS5 that's going to help gamers out and it's upgraded its mobile app so that it looks and runs a lot better than it used to.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog, the improved PlayStation App has already begun rolling out via updates to the existing version on iOS and Android phones. If you've ever used the previous version, then you'll know that while it had some uses, it could be a little finicky. 

This new version of the app includes a much cleaner look with a darker interface, and much clearer icons. On top of that, the PS Messages app has been integrated into the main app itself, meaning you no longer have to flit between the two if you find yourself using your phone a lot as you play. 

You'll also be able to create party groups using the app, allowing you to chat with up to 15 friends, as well as muting them, or putting them on speaker if you want to. 

Plus, Sony has integrated the PS Store into the app as well, which should save everybody a lot of hassle given how unpleasant the experience has been on mobile up until now. You can even start games downloading remotely if you want to to both PS4 and PS5. 

Finally, there are new features specially designed to improve the PS5 experience. You'll be able to see all of the latest news, and keep up to date with everything going on in the world of PlayStation. You'll also be able to remotely launch games, manage the storage of your console from afar, and even use the app to quickly sign into your PS5 if you need to. 

All of these new updates should make the app something that players will use a lot more, and that can only be good for everybody with a PS5. It's nice that so many of the improvements will still impact those with PS4s while stock is a little short for the next-gen. 

Source: PlayStation Blog