Sony PlayStation 4 Pro now only £299.99 thanks to lush Amazon Prime Day deal

Sony's flagship PS4 Pro console just got a sweet Amazon Prime Day discount

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Holy hell! This PS4 Pro deal is Kratos levels of awesome.

That's because Sony's flagship PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Black console has seen its price plummet to only £299.99 thanks to a sweet Amazon Prime Day discount.

To put that in perspective, pre-Amazon Prime Day the PS4 Pro 1TB Black console retailed for £349.99, so at this price that is a straight £50 saving and a -14% discount.

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Here are the details of the deal in full:

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4) 1TB console | £299.99 (was £349.99)

If you've been waiting for a price drop on Sony's flagship 4K console, the PlayStation 4 Pro, then this sweet Amazon Prime Day deal is definitely worth your time. That's because the console has just had a very welcome £50 knocked off its price, making it available for an attractive £299.99. And, that's the 1TB version of the console as well, so you are getting a 4K system with plenty of storage space for all those AAA games you'll be playing on it. Kratos would approve!
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Now, considering that Microsoft's rival 4K console, the Xbox One X, is going for north of £429 right now, a whole £130 more than this 1TB PS4 Pro, shows you how attractive this Prime Day deal is.

When reviewing the PS4 Pro we said that:

"For less than the price of a gaming PC's 4K-capable GPU alone, the Pro delivers 2160p, HDR gaming in the most accessible plug-and-play way possible. It boots up almost instantaneously, has the best overall gaming ecosystem on the market today and, thanks to everything being smoother and faster, is a joy to use."

As such, and considering the library of PS4 games is now larger than ever before, containing some absolutely killer exclusives like God of War, if you've been thinking of upgrading to a 4K console then this deal should definitely appeal.