Sony patents a new kind of PS5 controller – with headphones inside!

Play games and music with the same pad.

Sony DualSense Edge controller
(Image credit: Sony)

Sony has been trying a few new things when it comes to PlayStation accessories in recent times. At the start of 2023, we saw it release the DualSense Edge, a pro-level controller with a price tag to match. The PlayStation Portal, a handheld style remote play device for the PS5 will launch in November but a new patent suggests that it has more tricks up its sleeve. 

The latest patent features a PS5 controller with a space to store headphones inside. Well, not all headphones but Sony's own Pulse Explore buds (and perhaps the Inzone buds as well). Not only are the buds planned to fit inside the controller, but they can also be charged in it too. This could feasibly make a great alternative to the best gaming headsets.

Featuring rather blocky drawings of gamepads, the patent doesn't necessarily mean we'll see this unique controller anytime soon, or even at all, but Sony is clearly still innovating with the PS5. Besides, the reveal and release of a new lightweight PlayStation 5 is probably the big focus for the company currently. 

Sony PlayStation Earbuds

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Do we need a headphone storage section on the PS5 controller? Probably not, particularly when you can plug in headphones to the bottom of the controller or use your existing surround sound setup. But in fairness, the Pulse Explore Buds (around £199/$199) will feature lossless audio and hopefully a host of PlayStation unique features making them gaming greats. 

My main concern is with the controller itself. With its new charging powers, will the pad run out of battery even faster than usual? That would be incredibly frustrating in longer gaming sessions. It also sounds difficult to make the controller not too heavy and blocky. The DualSense 5 already has to accommodate haptic feedback, motion sensors, speakers and adaptive triggers, that's a lot to squeeze in. Hopefully we'll see a product reveal sooner rather than later. 

Andy Sansom
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