Smyths PS5 restock hope as PlayStation 5 consoles listed for April release

This Smyths PS5 restock could be the quickest way to get playing PlayStation 5 games

Smyths PS5 restock Sony PlayStation 5
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Right now you only have to take one look at T3's PS5 stock tracker to see that it now looks like May is going to be the month when many retailers are releasing new PlayStation 5 consoles. However, a shock Smyths PS5 restock could pip them all to the post.

That's because Smyths Toys is currently listing the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition up on its website with an expected stock date of "April 2021".

And, considering we've not seen anything so far from Smyths Toys this month, that leaves the following few weeks as the only time in April the PS5 Digital Edition consoles could launch.

Interestingly, the April release date is only attached to the Digital Edition PS5 console, so it looks like if there is a Smyths PS5 restock it will be restricted to the digital console only. That said, though, we've heard from plenty of gamers who are 100 per cent on board with a disc-less next-gen console, so this could be a great opportunity to get a foot in a PlayStation 5 door early.

Smyths PS5 restock

The next PS5 restock for the Digital Edition console is listed for "April 2021".

(Image credit: Smyths Toys)

Now, of course, the date listed on the Smyths Toys website could be incorrect and merely a placeholder. However, considering the disc-drive packing PS5 has been updated recently with a release date in May, but this disc drive-less version has not, that indicates that there is a chance Digital Edition consoles are about to drop.

Smyths Toys has had a good reputation since the PlayStation 5 went up for pre-order as a place to get PS5 in terms of customer service, but the retailer equally has never seemed to have the largest allotment of consoles, or a site that can handle the huge influx of gamers who were looking to buy a system.

As such, we recommend any gamer who is looking for a PS5 Digital Edition to pay very close attention to the retailer's website over the next few weeks, as if you aren't ready to move quickly when the consoles drop then you will likely miss its next Smyths PS5 restock.

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