Should I buy the Philips Lumea Advanced IPL?

An at-home permanent hair removal device for the face and body

Philips Lumea Advanced IPL
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IPL technology is the latest hair removal treatment that promises to permanently stop hair regrowth. It’s much gentler than laser hair removal and you can see results in just three treatments. If you’re fed up of shaving or waxing and want to try something new, then IPL treatment could work for you. 

We’ve explored all the pros and cons of the Philips Lumea Advanced IPL to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Who Is The Philips Lumea Advanced IPL For?

This IPL device is one of a few in the Philips Lumea range. The Advanced IPL is a step up from the Essential model, but it isn’t as expensive as the Prestige IPL model, so it’s a good mid-range price that may seem more favourable to anyone looking to make their first IPL investment purchase. This product is for anyone looking to remove stubborn hairs on their face or body, without having to go to a salon for permanent treatment options.

If you’ve spent years spending money on shaving and waxing only to not get the desired results, then the Philips Lumea Advanced IPL might be the saving grace for you. Read on to find out exactly how this product works…

Philips Lumea Advanced IPL

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Should You Buy The Philips Lumea Advanced IPL: Key Features

As I said, the Lumea Advanced is middle of the range, and while it doesn’t necessarily have fewer features than the Prestige, it does have different features that make it suitable for different hair removal needs.

This product uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to treat the hair at the root and stop regrowth in as little as three treatments. It works using SmartSkin Technology, which is designed to assess your skin tone and hair pigment, to automatically select the right level of light to treat you with. This is totally safe and dermatologist approved, making it one of the easiest and most convenient forms of permanent hair removal on the market.

The device comes with two attachments – one for the face and one for the body. Each of these is ergonomically designed to move over the skin in the most comfortable and effective way to target the hair’s roots. The Lumea Advanced is attached to the mains and for corded use only, which ensures no treatment is interrupted by loss of power. An area like the lower legs can be treated in around 15 minutes and the face in as little as two minutes, making it a quick and effective way to remove hair.

You will also have access to the free Lumea App, where you can schedule your treatments and track your progress. It will also give you tips and advice on how to make the most of your IPL device for long-lasting results.

This particular model comes with a facial hair remover which can help get rid of any visible hairs before starting your IPL treatment. This is also compact and easy to carry with you anywhere should you need to touch up in between treatments.

Philips Lumea IPL

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Should You Buy The Philips Lumea Advanced  IPL: The Downsides

Similar to all other IPL devices, it does only work with certain skin tones and hair colours. Light hair such as grey, very light blonde, and red can be difficult to target due to the lack of melanin to absorb the light.

If you’re looking for fast results, then this may not be the right product for you. While it does promise fast results, it's important to remember that permanent hair removal is a process, and so fast results mean a few months before seeing long-lasting results. The treatment is recommended to be done every two weeks, to begin with, and then you’ll need to touch up every four weeks. It is only after eight touch-ups that you will start to be free of hair for up to three months at a time.

Price wise, it’s mid-range but still an investment, so it's important to understand the commitments required to get the desired results.

Philips Lumea Advanced IPL

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Should You Buy The Philips Lumea Advanced IPL: Verdict

The Lumea Advanced has a lot to offer, especially with the compact facial hair remover which can help you feel hair-free for longer. In comparison to salon treatments, we feel the Philips Lumea Advanced IPL could be a great way to avoid showing your most intimate areas to a complete stranger and getting pain-free results at home. With the way the world is looking now, we never know how long the salons will be open, so if you like to have regular maintenance, this IPL device would be a useful investment.

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