Shop on Amazon Prime Day or miss out – here's why

This is why you're going to want to do your Christmas shopping on Amazon Prime Day this year

Amazon Prime Day
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T3 has been telling its readers for months now that retailers are spreading out their winter holiday season deals this year, with Amazon Prime Day kickstarting the Black Friday sales in 2020.

And crucially they're spreading them out online, not in store. The concept of Cyber Monday deals, whereby a retailer's best offers are put up online only, is now extending out for the final three months of the year.

The biggest proof yet of this movement has just dropped, too, and from a BBC report no less, which has just run a piece that is entitled "Shoppers warned to buy early for Christmas or miss out".

In the report we hear that "people are planning ahead and they're right to do so. Last minute cramming is just not going to work... we hope that people will spread out their shopping." As well as that "it will be the biggest online Christmas ever" and that "firms may struggle to cope if we leave all our festive shopping till the last minute".

This tallies perfectly with the advice that T3 has been dispensing over the past 4 months – that this year, if you want to guarantee you get the products and gifts you want this winter holiday season, then you need to be prepared to shop early and start deal hunting earlier, too.

And, being candid, Amazon Prime Day (which kicks off in just a few weeks on October 13), is going to be one of the absolute best places to bag quality bargains. Amazon's super sale is tipped to be its biggest ever and, happening as it does right at the start of the winter holiday season, will mean shoppers will get the best pick of the deals and get them before they sell out.

Not many shoppers will realise this year that deals that are on-par with Black Friday will be available so early and many will miss out – only to face disappointment or a desperate fight to grab anything that is left come December.

That's why we're suggesting people shop Amazon Prime Day fiercely this year. There will be more deals than ever before and it will be the ideal place to bag Christmas gifts early.

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