Tune In and Zone Out: Shokz unveils the ultra-lightweight OpenFit Air headphones

The brand also debuts the OpenSwim Pro Bluetooth and MP3-compatible sports headphones

Shokz OpenFit Air press photos
(Image credit: Shokz)

It's not like the Shokz OpenFit were heavy, but the brand decided to introduce a lighter version of the open-ear headphones, the OpenFit Air, launched today.

Weighing a feather-light 8.7g, the new workout headphones are designed for comfort and style. With a soft silicone finish and ergonomic ear hooks, they will snugly fit every ear shape and keep you grooving all day long.

Thanks to the 0.75mm flexible Ni-Ti memory alloy and teardrop-shaped design, they’ll stay securely in place while minimising pressure during marathon (pun intended) listening sessions.

But it's not just about comfort—the OpenFit Air packs a punch when it comes to sound quality, too. Shokz's DirectPitch technology and OpenBass Air, with a low-frequency enhancement algorithm, deliver a full, rich audio experience.

Battery anxiety? Not with these bad boys. The OpenFit Air offers six hours of playtime on a single charge, and with the charging case, you'll get a whopping 28 hours of total listening time. In a rush? A quick 10-minute charge gives you an extra two hours of audio bliss.

Leon Du, Europe Market Director at Shokz, couldn't be more excited. "Last year's OpenFit was a hit, and with OpenFit Air, we’re inviting even more people to experience the magic of open-ear technology. Stay connected, stay aware, and stay stylish."

Available in chic matte finishes of pink, white, and black, the OpenFit Air headphones are the perfect accessory to complement any workout outfit. With features like intuitive touch controls, multipoint pairing, and an IP54 rating for water and sweat resistance, these headphones are ready for anything life throws at you.

Shokz are also launching the OpenSwim Pro, their first Bluetooth and MP3-compatible sports headphones featuring patented bone conduction technology.

The flexible Nickel-Titanium alloy frame and soft silicone material ensure comfort and compatibility with swimming caps and goggles. With PremiumPitch 2.0+ technology for clear sound and rich bass, two EQ modes, an IP68 waterproof rating, and nine hours of battery life, the OpenSwim Pro is perfect for (tri)athletes, offering a seamless transition between Bluetooth streaming and MP3 listening.

Ready to upgrade your listening game? Available from today, the Shokz OpenFit Air retails for £119, while the OpenSwim Pro sells for £169 at Shokz.

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