Saucony Endorphin Collection is here to spank Nike Vaporfly with THREE new running shoes built for speed

Typical. You wait ages for a new Saucony then three come around the corner at once...

Saucony Endorphin Collection: release date price
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Saucony is making some of the best running shoes around at the moment. Thr latest manifestation of this effort is the new Saucony Endorphin Collection, a trio of new running shoes designed to deliver a running experience that's “You, but faster". With the new slogan, Saucony is clearly having a dig at the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%, a running shoe said to provide unfair advantage to its wearers, with some runners going as far as saying they felt as if their new records ran in the Vaporfly didn't feel "theirs".

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The new Endorphin Collection is made up of the Endorphin Pro, the Endorphin Speed and the Endorphin Shift, said to offer a fast option for every kind of run: race day, speed day and ‘every’ day.

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Saucony Endorphin Pro – race day shoes

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From our review: "the Saucony Endorphin Pro is an excellent road running shoe. It is not perfect and even among its direct competitors we wouldn't place it on top but having said that, the market for high-cushioned running shoes with integrated carbon plates is fierce, probably the fiercest one at the moment."

The Endorphin Pro is a firm running shoe, definitely firmer than the aforementioned Nike Vaporfly, but this firmness helps the shoes to roll smoother than a lot of its rivals. For the same reason, there is less propulsion at toe off as the carbon plate can't bend enough, but hey, you can't win it all, can you?

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Endorphin Speed - Speed Day

The Endorphin SPEED delivers high performance in a shoe that can transition seamlessly from up-tempo workouts to race day, helping runners run faster, easier. It combines a full-length, semi-rigid nylon plate for snappy transitions with springy PWRRUNPB, Saucony’s lightest, most responsive cushioning material yet. The resulting SPEEDROLL helps generate more from each stride by propelling runners forward with the feeling of continuous momentum. And with plenty of durability to boot, they’re a pair of shoes that can go the distance at top speed throughout every run, and every season. 

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 Endorphin Shift - Everyday

 The Endorphin SHIFT combines a lofty bed of PWRRUN cushioning with finely-tuned stability features to create a truly effortless ride. The secret is in its thicker midsole, which results in a stiffer forefoot and delivers SPEEDROLL’s feeling of continuous momentum without the need for a plate. With supportive details from the heel forward, it gives you faster, feel-good runs every day of the week. If it feels like the shoe is doing the work for the runner, well, that’s because it is. 

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