Samsung's slashed the price of the Galaxy S22 Ultra – and Black Friday deals are even cheaper

Save over £300 on Samsung's best Android phone, but you'll need to move very fast

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is arguably the best Android phone you can buy, and it's the best Samsung phone that isn't one of its folding models. And it's just got a whole lot cheaper thanks to a price cut by Samsung and some early Black Friday deals.

In our review we said that the Samsung Galaxy S22 was "the ultimate flagship" thanks to its incredible camera setup, fast processor and excellent design. But we also noted that it was very expensive to buy – and now it isn't.

Get a huge Black Friday discount the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung started it this week with a big price cut, taking the S22 Ultra down from the usual £1,149 to a much more affordable £949. (opens in new tab) 

But you can get it even cheaper elsewhere. On our review page we track the best current prices, and right now there's a handful of Phantom Black models in stock at Amazon for just £909.50 (opens in new tab). I'm also seeing white models in stock at Box with a price tag of just £904.99. (opens in new tab) Meanwhile over at Laptops Direct there are phantom white models going for £899.00. (opens in new tab)

All of these retailers have very limited stock here – we're talking single figures at each retailer – so I'm expecting these deals to sell out very quickly. But if you snap one up I think you'll be delighted: with over £300 off, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a really great smartphone buy that'll keep you happy for years. If I were in the market for an Android phone, this is the one I'd be buying and £900ish would be my target price.

was £1149 (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in Phantom Black, was £1149, now £904.99 at Box (opens in new tab)

Save £307 on the white 128GB version at Box.

was £1149 (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in White, was £1149, now £909 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Save 21% on the 128GB model in Black.

was £1149 (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in White, was £1149, now £899 at Laptops Direct (opens in new tab)

Save £250 on the 128GB model in Phantom White.

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