Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 leaks in new images and there’s one thing still to iron out

There's a very obvious issue with the latest images of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 render
(Image credit: SamMobile)
Quick Summary

Newly leaked images appear to show a dummy model of the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6.

Its central crease is very visible, but the redesigned hinge is less obtrusive.

The soon to be released Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 appears to have leaked again, this time in the form of a dummy unit that shows exactly what it'll look like.

And if the dummy is an accurate version of Samsung's next flagship folding phone, there's one very obvious issue that Samsung needs to iron out. And we mean that literally.

The visible issue is the crease, which is a common flaw in folding phones: nobody, not even Samsung, has managed to eliminate it completely. And judging by the dummy, it's not got any closer with the Galaxy Z Fold 6: in the images that were posted to X by Ali TA Tech it's very noticeable.

That's the bad news. But there's some good news here too. The new images show much more of the phone than we've seen before; the last leak only included the very top of the device to just below the selfie camera cutout. Here we can see the whole phone.

What the dummy Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 tells us about the real phone

Dummies like this one aren't going to tell you about internal components such as the processor or RAM, and they don't usually tell you much about the cameras other than how many lenses there are. What they do do, however, is give you an excellent idea of the look and feel you can expect to get when the actual phone releases. And there are some noticeable improvements here.

As previously reported the Z Fold 6 appears to have a more squared-off design that's closer to that of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: the corners are less rounded than before, but not so much so that they'll be a threat to your purse or pocket. But the thing that's really noticeable here is now not-noticeable the hinge is.

The dummy appears to confirm predictions that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have a significantly redesigned hinge that's considerably less obvious than the current design.

The other noticeable difference here is that the front display is wider than the one in the current Z Fold, which should make it more useful. That's had a knock-on effect on the main display too: held vertically its proportions are slightly different, as it's now a little bit wider and a little less tall. 

As ever, leaks aren't necessarily the real thing. But these images do chime with the various renders we've seen recently, so it seems likely that we are indeed looking at Samsung's next foldable – or something that looks very much like it.

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