Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G is now actually affordable after permanent price cut

Samsung slashes the price of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G by a whopping $250

Galaxy Z Flip 5g
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Samsung has just confirmed that it's permanently slashing the price of its Galaxy Z Flip 5G. The device launched as a 5G follow up to the Galaxy Z Flip, and carries a hefty price tag, but Samsung has just dropped it by a not-insignificant $250.

At launch, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G retailed for $1,449 / £1399 / AU$2,599, and now, in the US, you can pick it up for $1199.99. It's still pricey, but that puts it on a par with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra within the company's own family of smartphones.

It also makes it one of the cheapest foldables on the market right now, sitting alongside the Motorola Razr. This development has got to be bad news for Moto, after it cut the price of the Razr from $1,499.99 to $999 with a $500 discount of its own – no doubt to step out of the Galaxy Z Flip's shadow.

The new discounted price is available on Samsung's US site right now, but doesn't appear to have rolled out over on Samsung's UK site or its Australian counterpart.  

The base Galaxy Z Flip model's price hasn't yet dropped in any of the three regions, coming in at $1299.99 on the US site, where you can now buy the newer, 5G model for $100 cheaper.

Samsung has already teased that it's working on a brand new foldable smartphone for its Z series with a new form factor, while we're not expecting to see a Galaxy Z Flip 2, according to tipsters, with Samsung jumping straight to Galaxy Z Flip 3. It seems like Samsung is cutting the price to make way for the new devices heading for the Z series. 

Interestingly, under its featured smartphones category on the website, the Galaxy Z Flip isn't mentioned, although you'll find it sitting under the Z series tab. Is a larger revamp than we might expect on the way, with a hugely revised iteration of the Flip set to overshadow the original? 

Twitter leaker Max Weinbach is sure we won't see the Galaxy Fold 3 or the Galaxy Z Flip 3 any time before May, which is in line with the June release date for the Fold 3 that we've heard so far. There's plenty of time for Samsung's other foldables to leak before then, to give us a clue as to what to expect for its future foldable devices.  

Source: 9to5Google

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