Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 just got a free update that helps users keep fit

Discover your secret sleep animal, maximise your workouts and get better insights into your health and fitness

Samsung Galaxy Watch4
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Samsung has announced a big free update to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The new software includes new features to help you get motivated, to track your sleep and to gain more detailed insights into your heart health. The update will be available via the Galaxy Wearable app from February 9th.

In addition to the new features, Samsung has also announced some new watch straps with matching watch faces. They'll go on sale in late February.

More motivation and improved insights into your sleep and health

One of the biggest new features is an update to the Galaxy Watch's Body Composition analysis, which gives you more detailed information so you can see exactly how your body is responding to your fitness regime. You'll also be able to take advantage of composition insights founded by Centr, a digital fitness programme curated by Chris Helmsworth, and you'll also get 30 days of free access to the Centr programme. Your Watch also monitors blood pressure and electrocardiogram activity to keep an eye on your heart health.

There's a new interval target feature for runners and cyclists, which you can use to set the duration, distance and number of sets for your workout. This enables your Watch to guide you through a customised training session that intersperses high- and low-intensity workouts to deliver maximum impact every time.

When it's time to hit the hay after a hard day working out, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has a new Sleep Coaching programme. This tracks your sleeping habits over seven days and assigns one of eight Sleep Symbol animals, such as Sensitive Hedgehog or Exhausted Shark. These aren't just cute graphics. They're labels for different sleep coaching programmes that provide missions, checklists, information and reports to help you improve your sleep quality. And in a nice touch your Watch now recognises when you fall asleep, automatically turning off your SmartThings-enabled lights as you doze.

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