Samsung Galaxy S23 users should get this great free upgrade next month

The update should offer the latest and greatest software for the flagship Android phones

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus review
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While focus for Samsung fans is likely to be on the Galaxy Unpacked event later this week, it's certainly not the only news worth paying attention to. For those who already have current devices – like the Samsung Galaxy S23 – there's a decent upgrade coming soon.

That's because the One UI 6.0 beta should drop in the coming weeks, based on historical release schedules for the update. One UI 6.0 is Samsung's skin for the latest Android 14 update, usually with some added Samsung flourishes.

Usually, the first devices to get the beta access are the current flagship models. That means those with an S23 series device – including the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – should have the earliest opportunity to test the features.

So, what can users expect to find in the new operating system? Well, there's no massive game-changing upgrades yet. Instead, a wider suite of smaller, ease of use updates are included, which should make their way into the Samsung way of working.

That includes things like a back arrow gesture. This should improve navigation on devices using Android 14, making it easier to swipe back to the last page as and when needed.

There's also a fairly substantial update to the sharing screen. The design has been altered, which should allow more options to be included for quick sharing to apps and users.

There should also be a Nearby Share option always on that screen as part of the update. That's the Android equivalent of Apple's AirDrop functionality. Making it a more prominent part of the Share screen should give users easier access, making it a more widely used feature than it has been previously.

Don't panic if you're using an older Samsung phone, either. While the beta usually starts with the most recent devices, other models tend to be close behind. While you may have to wait a smidge longer, the same beta access should reach your handsets, too.

Historically speaking, the beta has become available in August. That means we could be only a week or so away from it being usable for the first time. And while it's unlikely to be on show at the Unpacked event, it's worth keeping an eye out for any teasers they may give.

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