Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra "S Pen detector" leaked – the Note is back!

Everything now points to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra coming with an S Pen cavity and S Pen digital stylus

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with S Pen digital stylus
(Image credit: Pigtou/Xleaks)

Over the past week T3 reported on two leaks that seemed to indicate that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was not just going to come with S Pen digital stylus support like the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but that it was going to deliver a full-on Galaxy Note experience.

And now, thanks to a brand new leak coming out of the Netherlands, it has seemingly been confirmed that an 'S Pen detector' for the S22 Ultra exists. An S Pen detector is a component used to detect if an S Pen is inserted into a S Pen cavity, and is present on Note devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

To be clear, this isn't a part needed for the S Pen to work on screen, for example, such as possible on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but a part needed to detect the insertion or removal of an S Pen from its storage cavity.

The consequence of this part being discovered, while still falling short of a cast-iron 100 per cent confirmation from Samsung itself, does seem at this stage to pretty much confirm that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will come with a S Pen and that it will have a cavity in its body to store it.

The discovery of this S Pen detector for the S22 Ultra comes courtesy of GalaxyClub, who claims that:

"We can confirm the existence of a so-called ' S Pen detector ' for the S22 Ultra. This is a small part that does what its name says: it detects whether an S Pen stylus is all the way in its designated space. For example, it makes it possible for the device to warn you if you have forgotten to replace the stylus, or for the screen to turn on as soon as you pull it out of the housing."

What's interesting is that this report even goes on to specifically state that the S Pen detector only exists for the S22 Ultra and not the S22 or S22+. This seems to show that with the Galaxy S22 range, Samsung will have finally finished the merging of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines after the latter was put out to pasture.

It now looks like we're going to get a regular Galaxy S series S22 and S22+, and then a Galaxy Note series S22 Ultra, with both phone types included in one range.

Here at T3 we not only think this makes perfect sense, with the advanced Note functionality retained for the flagship device (Galaxy Note was always Samsung's technical leader), but that it is also great news. We're huge fans of the Galaxy Note series so it's really enthusing to see that it looks to be coming back properly.

Now all we need is for Samsung to get an S Pen detector and cavity into the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G, and Galaxy phone users will truly be living in a note-taking, illustrating, annotating wonderland.

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