Intriguing Samsung Galaxy S22 leak suggests design change Note fans will love

New info from a reliable source has just hinted that the Galaxy S22 could be getting a noticeable design change

Samsung Galaxy S22
(Image credit: Samsung)

Just yesterday did T3 report on a claim that the Samsung Galaxy S22 is going to take up the mantle of the now dead Galaxy Note series.

That report was based off a claim by Samsung's leakster-in-chief Ice universe who posted an update on Twitter which said that, "Note is over, but it's not over. S becomes Note!".

This led to much speculation online as to what Ice meant, with the most popular theory being that the incoming Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone is going to act as a Note device.

To act as a Note, though, it would need more than just digital stylus S Pen support, which the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra already delivers – it would need an S Pen to come included with the phone and, ideally, the ability to carry and charge it within its body, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Of course, for that to happen the Galaxy S22 Ultra would require a redesign, right?

Well, excitingly, that's exactly what Ice has just hinted is happening, with the tipster posting another update on Twitter.

Another update and this time explicitly stating that "the angle is between S and Note. It is not rounded like S but not right angle like Note."

Here Ice is seemingly referring to the design of the "S becomes Note!" handset, which is most likely to be the Galaxy S22 Ultra. And his comment reveals that the design of the handset is changing – it is going to have a new curvature to its corners.

And that curvature is going to fall between that traditionally used on Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series phones, like a hybrid between the two.

So, what we can seem to be able to deduce from this is that a Galaxy S22 handset (but almost certainly the Ultra) is changing design to become more like a Galaxy Note.

What we can't deduce from this, though, is if that design extends to it coming with a digital S Pen or a cavity in its redesigned body to store and charge it.

It is more smoke around the S22 Ultra being the next true Galaxy Note phone, though, and that's exciting news for phone fans.

Here at T3 we're big fans of the Galaxy Note series, and while we appreciated Samsung brining digital stylus functionality to the S21 Ultra this year, without an S Pen included or the ability to carry it in the handset, it wasn't a true successor.

Here's hoping then we really do get a radically redesigned Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with the Note functionality we crave.

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