Samsung Galaxy S21 pre-orders are happening very soon – here's how to guarantee your spot

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup are opening soon, and you can get ahead of the curve

Samsung Galaxy S21 teaser
(Image credit: Future)

We're expecting big Samsung Galaxy S21 news soon, because pre-orders for Samsung's next generation of smartphones are about to open up. Official info on price, launch date, and specs feels imminent.

Reportedly, the Galaxy S21 lineup is due for launch in January, so we must hear something quite soon if that release window is accurate. Samsung preparing for pre-orders would seem to lend some credence to that report.

More specifically, a Samsung reservation page is now live in anticipation of the new phone launch. Filling out your information there guarantees your pre-order spot when those open up. You'll still have to actually pre-order the S21 model you want when the time comes, but this method will guarantee you don't miss your chance should pre-orders sell out. The reservation page asks for your contact information and mobile service carrier. You won't pay any money should you go through the process – there's no charge until you pre-order the phone itself.

Furthermore, Samsung is offering some big bonuses when you reserve on the website. Anyone who reserves there gets "$50 towards accessories," and those who reserve through the Shop Samsung App get an additional $10. You can also trade in your Galaxy S20 or older model through the website for up to $700 credit. Samsung is even offering up to $550 for phones with cracked screens – it really wants you to get on board with the new generation.

There's certainly a lot to look forward to with the new trio: the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra. Official teasers have given us the clearest look at the lineup yet. Showing off the S21 and S21 Plus with a sleek phantom violet color scheme (other options include pink, silver, and gray), the teasers highlight the rear triple-camera system and 'glasstic' backing. We can also see what Samsung calls the blade bezel, a flat screen resembling that of the iPhone 12.

The S21 and S21 Plus teasers appear identical since their differences are mostly internal, but the S21 Ultra teaser is noticeably different. Seen in violent gray (it will offer the same color choices as its cousins), it houses an additional periscope camera on the rear and a curved screen on the front.

Price and final release date are not locked down for the new lineup. January is the reported window, as stated before, with a January 14th reveal and a January 29th launch day. With CES 2021 kicking off very soon – the all-digital event runs January 11-14 – we ought to hear more very soon. 

Source: Samsung