Samsung Galaxy S21 parries iPhone 12 with razor sharp Blade screen. En garde!

Samsung S21 brings in flat Blade display, kisses off curves

Samsung Galaxy S21
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The Samsung Galaxy S21 is in for some big changes if the leaks we've seen so far are anything to go by. There's exciting talk of a possible merger with the Note Series, and less exciting talk about a downgrade compared from the 2020 Galaxy S20 range. But if there's one thing Samsung Galaxy is really good at, it's keeping up its eternal duel with Apple iPhone. 

Just last week, we heard of a radical Samsung S21 design overhaul that could be on the cards. It involves a Blade bezel that will see the handset adopt straight edges uncannily similar to iPhone 12. But while imitation is flattery, Samsung Galaxy phones are not just about staying up with trends, they're about busting them, and it seems the Galaxy S21 is also in for a new screen display that will make it a cut above Apple's various iPhones. It's called the Blade display. 

LetsGoDigital spotted the trademark that Samsung has applied for, which is described as "flat panel display screens; displays for smart phones; OLED (Organic light emitting diode) display panels; touch screens."

It's speculated that the base S21 model and the S21+ will sport the new flat panel and straight edge aesthetic, while the S21 Ultra will stick with the edge display.

Coupled with the Blade bezel, which may have some practical functionality in terms of creating a "speaker resonance chamber" – or a BoomBox essentially, like the LG G7 ThinQ – the revamp will be a huge departure from Samsung's usual curvy smartphones.

The new design could well support the theory of a new direction for the S series, that has been a flagship for the brand so far, but may give way to the Galaxy Z Fold series next year.

If anything, it will help draw a line between the series' past and its future, whether that's a cheaper, less premium offering, or a hybrid device bringing together the key features of the S and Note ranges. 

The smartphone is reportedly making its debut as early as January, so we'll no doubt see more of it in the coming months. 

Source: LetsGoDigital

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