Samsung Galaxy S21 has a smart trick that music fans will LOVE

The Galaxy S21 is set crank it up a notch in the sound department thank to an innovative new display

Galaxy S21
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Samsung's Galaxy S21 is rumored to be getting an early launch, with a possible January 2021 release, but the handset could see some huge changes compared t this years Galaxy S20  – especially if the whispers of a S series and Note series merger are true. 

The device is set to look a lot different that Samsung's usual fare, based on what we've heard so far, and the latest tidbit on the the design front suggests a pivot in aesthetic that is being rolled out to support an innovative new sound system that music fans will love. 

Galaxy S21

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Samsung Display has filed a trademark for a Blade Bezel, suggesting a flat edge and frame is on the way, similar to the iPhone 12. This is a massive departure from the curved displays its stuck with in the past, most recently seen on the Galaxy S20, and Note 10, but it seems like there might be more to the design than a simple revamp.

LetsGoDigital reports that Samsung is looking into using flexible screens with its smartphones which can pop out of the housing to some degree, for the purpose of creating a "speaker resonance chamber" to enhance audio sound and quality. You can see this mechanic in action in the render above, as well as the image below, which gives us a peek at the internals and how this would be pulled off. 

Galaxy S21 patent

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

The speakers are situated beneath the display along with the mic and front facing camera, and cooling fan, meaning an under display camera may also be on the cards.

This is based on a patent filed in February, and published last week, for an "electronics device having expandable internal space" and works on the same premise as the LG G7 ThinQ and its BoomBox speaker that uses the phone's internals as "a massive resonance chamber to get seriously loud and produce real, rumbling bass."

LetsGoDigital also reports that the documents mention that the flexible screen supports the S-Pen, which is something we haven't yet seen with its foldables. If the Note and S series are being combined, this lends further weight to the rumor.

The Blade Bezel makes much more sense in light of the new display, so while it may look like Samsung is lifting the iPhone 12 design (which harks back to the iPhone 6), it's actually taking a huge step forward, rather than reverting back to an old format.

This puts even more pressure on Apple to shake things up, as it's currently lagging behind its Android rivals in a number of areas, and rolling out an old form factor isn't really the change that fans want to see, when the flagship still isn't supporting refresh rates above 60Hz for example. 

But we're excited to see what Samsung has in store, and if the next device launch is as soon as the rumors suggest, it won't be long before we see what it has to offer. 

Source: LetsGoDigital

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