Samsung Galaxy S11 will have the best display ever seen on a Galaxy phone

The Samsung Galaxy S11's rumoured 120Hz refresh rate just got confirmed

Samsung Galaxy S11
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Samsung Galaxy S11 (or as it might be known, the Samsung Galaxy S20) is due to be unveiled on 11 February. One of the most-anticipated flagship phone of 2020, we've heard so many rumours around this handset that we could probably build one ourselves. 

However, it's always nice to get those rumours confirmed. A recent leak circulated by news outlet SamMobile adds new weight to an existing S11 rumour, concerning its incredible screen and display. 

SamMobile, via anonymous sources, has confirmed the Samsung Galaxy S11 will be packing a 120Hz refresh rate, double that of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. The phone is said to come packing 120Hz as standard, but will allow users to switch back to 60Hz at will should they wish to save on battery life.

What is refresh rate?

Put simply, refresh rate is how often the screen refreshes itself. Similar to frame rate in films, the higher the refresh rate, the smoother motion becomes. A low refresh rate and you'll start to see the phone lag behind as your finger drags across the smartphone. A high refresh rate will cause the images to be more responsive, following your finger with less and less delay. 

Higher refresh rates mean smoother motion onscreen, whether that's on video, in games or just swiping up and down apps. If you ever feel like apps run slightly slower on an older phone, as you swipe up on Instagram and it judders as it follows your finger, that's why. 

iPhone X

Phones with a higher refresh rate will look more natural as you swipe across the menus

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Samsung does make screens with higher refresh rates for other manufacturers, but has yet to to use one in its own flagship venture. It's looking like the Samsung Galaxy S11 (or S20) will be the first to break the mould. 

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