Samsung Galaxy S11 screen revealed as new photos leak

The new screen photo shows the rumoured selfie cam and a couple other tantalising details

Samsung Galaxy S11
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Samsung Galaxy S11 is almost here: now that Christmas is upon us, the long-rumoured 18 February 2020 launch date is just around the corner. A series of high-profile leaks have slipped onto the net this year, including a few glimpses of the phone in real life. 

Now, a well-known leakster has shared a photograph of part of the phone, and we're excited to report that it confirms a couple of long-held rumours.  

Top leakster Iceuniverse, who has broken many stories regarding Samsung devices, is at it again. This time, Ice is revealing on Twitter a case purported to be the screen to go on the front of the Samsung Galaxy S11. 

The screen, of course, includes slight curves and a punch-hole selfie cam, confirming a lot of images and renders claiming Samsung'st latest flagship wouldn't be sporting an under-screen selfie cam. Check out the tweet in full below:

As well as the punch-hole selfie cam, the curved screen and slim bezel mirrors the rumours swirling around the Huawei P40, which is reported to have a similar look. The Samsung Galaxy S11's "forehead" and "chin" area are very slender, providing as much screen space as possible. Huawei, however, is said to be packing an under-screen selfie camera, just like the one which debuted on an Oppo device earlier this year. 

Ice also drops a tidbit regarding the camera setup on the rear of the phone. Reported to have five cameras in total, including a 108MP sensor capable of picking out minute details, Iceuniverse drops a hint that contradicts this, claiming the S11 will have 5x optical zoom and a 48MP camera, while the P40 Pro will have 10x optical zoom but remain on 16MP. 

Two very different approaches, but the iPhone 11 Pro was rated to have "the best smartphone camera" in the game without worrying about megapixel count, so it's not all about the big numbers. We wonder how an under-screen selfie camera will do in quality, compared to Samsung's next-gen punch-hole. We'll know more for sure in February. 

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