Samsung Galaxy S11 / Galaxy S20 news, leaks, release date, price and specs

The 2020 Samsung S11 is set to be the best Galaxy phone yet, and expectations are high

Samsung Galaxy S20 Galaxy S11 news
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With just a few weeks to go until launch, the Galaxy S11 (currently rumoured to be launching as the Samsung Galaxy S20) leaks, rumours, and predictions are ramping up in earnest – and we're here to bring you everything we know so far about Samsung's supercharged phone for 2020 (watch out, iPhone 12).

From the Samsung Galaxy S11 / S20 release date to the dimensions of the display, we're collecting everything we hear on this page, until the phone officially launches on 11 February 2020. So check back here regularly for the latest news and rumours on the next-generation handset from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S11 / S20: the name

Samsung Galaxy S11 Galaxy S20

Will the Samsung Galaxy S11 actually launch under the name Samsung Galaxy S20?

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So far, we've been referring to the phone as the Samsung Galaxy S11. However, there are rumours the phone will be released under another name: the Samsung Galaxy S20. 

All the insiders agree this is the same handset under a different name, rather than two different phones. We don't know which title the handset will adopt on release yet, so we'll stick to using "Samsung Galaxy S11" until we hear anything official from Samsung.

 Samsung Galaxy S11 / S20: release date

Samsung Galaxy S11 Galaxy S20

Expect the Samsung Galaxy S20 to be held up like this at Samsung's Unpacked event in February.

The Galaxy S11 / Galaxy S20 release date is 11 February 2020, likely during Samsung Galaxy Unpacked in San Francisco, a keynote event scheduled to demonstrate Samsung's "new and innovative" Galaxy devices.

This lines up with February release date reports from fansite SamMobile and leakster Iceuniverse, and fits in with the scheduling of previous launches: it would be the sixth Samsung flagship to get a February debut.

Bear in mind that the the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e first saw the light of day on 20 February 2019, so if the Galaxy S11 / S20 does arrive in February, that would make a lot of sense (and give the Galaxy S10 phones 12 months on sale). However, ahead of the S11 release a 'lite' version of the S10 will arrive first, so the Galaxy S11 won't be Samsung's next handset, although it will be its best.

Samsung Galaxy S20 / S11: price

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

A potential Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra render and red colourway.

(Image credit: Concept Creator)

As for the Samsung Galaxy S11 / S20 price, in 2019 the Galaxy S10 prices started at £669 / $749 for the S10e, £799 / $899 for the S10, and £899 / $999 for the S10 Plus – that's the sort of area we're talking about when it comes to the Galaxy S11 launch price, but we'll have to wait and see if Samsung decides to go higher or lower with the new batch of handsets.

One leaker, Max Weinbach of XDA Developers, has revealed what he believes will be the prices for the new 5G Galaxy handsets in European markets. The S20 5G is rumoured to be €900-1000. The S20+ 5G is pitched at €1050-1100, while the S20 Ultra 5G is said to cost a huge €1300.

Samsung Galaxy S20 / S11: design

Samsung Galaxy S11 concept Samsung Galaxy S20

A Samsung Galaxy S11 / S20 concept (credit: LetsGoDigital)

In 2019 Samsung went with a 5.8-inch display for the S10e, a 6.1-inch display for the S10, and a 6.4-inch screen for the S10 Plus. It seems likely that the three new Samsung Galaxy S11 handsets are going to follow that kind of template, though if anything the display sizes might get even bigger. These leaked screen protectors show us what we can expect, with three different sizes set for the S11e, S11 and S11 Plus, respectively. 

The concept above from LetsGoDigital offers up some hints about what we might be looking at, with a curved screen and touch icons replacing physical on/off switches and volume control.

And what of the hole-punch notch? It's not inconceivable that by the time February 2020 rolls around Samsung has worked out how to embed a camera underneath the screen, removing the need for a notch entirely. However, more leaks show the hole-punch in place, so if accurate, it looks like the under-screen camera won't be with us for at least another two generations of phones. 

We do know Samsung is at least thinking about a phone with a sliding screen that reveals the forward-facing camera when you need it, but this seems a bit too weird for the S11. It's perhaps something to bear in mind for the Galaxy S13 in 2021, although let's not rule anything out: the Galaxy S11 might even go buttonless.

Galaxy S20 leak

Will the Samsung Galaxy S20 be buttonless?

(Image credit: Phone Arena)

We do know that Samsung was thinking about making the Note 10 button-less, so maybe there's a clue there. The renders above, courtesy of Phone Arena, show what might be coming down the pipeline from Samsung, but at this stage they're more speculative than anything else.

As you would probably expect, the bezels get even smaller, though the forward-facing camera is still housed in a notch.

At this stage in the evolution of the Galaxy S series it's unlikely that Samsung is going to spring any surprises in the design department, though we hear the S11 has been given the codename Picasso. The Galaxy Note 10 launch didn't really give us any clues either, with that phone sticking to the expected Samsung template.

Samsung Galaxy S11 / S20: specs and features

Samsung Galaxy S11 / S20 leak

Can we expect a 64MP main rear camera on the Samsung Galaxy S20?

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

It's in the specs and features departments that we have heard some Galaxy S20 / S11 rumours already – like the tidbit from China that Samsung processor chips will move to 5-nanometre technology in time for the launch of the S11. What does that mean? Faster speeds essentially, with less of a draw on battery life (the best chipsets of 2019 work from 7nm tech).

When it comes to cameras, we know that Samsung is already producing 64MP sensors ready for upcoming flagships, which might help the S11 camera claw back some of the ground Samsung has lost to the likes of Huawei and Google in the camera department. Could we get yet another extra lens on the Galaxy S11 phones? It's possible, as is a 5x optical zoom.

Tipsters that have been right before are predicting that the Galaxy S11 camera is going to be worth the wait – and that it'll have some specs that put the Galaxy S10 and the Note 10 phones in the shade.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Galaxy S20

Naturally, rumours also suggest that there will be a Samsung Galaxy S11+, which would be named the Samsung Galaxy S20+ according to the latest naming rumour.

(Image credit: Iceuniverse)

The most recent rumours are pointing to a humongous 108MP camera sensor and 8K video for the back of the Galaxy S11, which means you can expect to take some absolutely stunning shots with this phone, when it finally appears. Samsung is often at the forefront of phone camera technology, and 2020 looks like being no different. 

It's also heavily rumoured the five-camera setup is going to look like something along the lines of the iPhone 11 Pro, as seen in the render above following a leak from tipster Iceuniverse

We have been hearing whispers that the Galaxy S11 is set to feature a spectrometer, a special sensor that would allow the phone to do some smart chemical analysis: from weighing up the nutrients in food to the chemical composition of skin. It's a bit of a strange rumour, but we're prepared to run with it.

As for other features, Samsung already ticks just about all the boxes you can think of – with a 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 on the table, no doubt 5G is going to be in the mix for the Galaxy S11 too. One of the weirdest rumours we've heard so far, which you should take with a pinch of salt, is that the S11 is going to feature holographic notifications that float in mid-air – again, it's based on a patent filing, so we'll have to wait and see if it becomes a reality.

Samsung Galaxy S20 / S11: what we want to see

Samsung Galaxy S10

T3 will definitely hold up the Samsung Galaxy S20 like this when it launches, in-front of a snazzy design wall, too.

So a refined design... more power... better cameras... are there any other improvements we can expect from the Galaxy S11 / Galaxy S20? Or would that be too greedy? Well longer battery life is always welcome. With a 5,000mAh battery heavily rumoured to be included, it's an area where Samsung hasn't made huge strides in recent years – could 2020 be the year of two-day battery life?

We honestly wouldn't shed too many tears if that hole-punch notch got ditched in 2020 and left us with a wonderful full-screen Galaxy S11. Samsung has always prided itself on the quality of its displays, which get better with every passing year, and 2020 should prove to be no exception in that regard.

Of course we can look forward to the usual bumps in power and performance too, and no doubt some added AI smarts on board as well. By the time the Galaxy S11 arrives, it should come with Android Q on board as well.