Samsung Galaxy S11 to get HUGE battery to power groundbreaking new display

The Samsung flagship's silky-smooth refresh rate will be supported by a massive 5,000mAh battery

Galaxy S11
(Image credit: Phone Arena)

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S11 leak hits the net. We already know (or at least, suspect) a lot about Samsung's next flagship, which is due to be unveiled during the early part of next year. 

We believe the Galaxy S11 could pack a 108MP sensor in its main camera, for example, or have an under-screen selfie cam. However, thanks to a notoriously good leakster, another piece of the S11 puzzle has released onto the internet. 

Noted Samsung spoiler Iceuniverse has snapped a picture of what they claim to be the Samsung Galaxy S11's battery. On the battery can clearly be seen the text "Typical capacity: 5,000mAh". That's a big step up from the Samsung Galaxy S10 and even the S10 Plus, which packed a 4,100mAh battery, but it's the same one used by the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A40s. Check out the pics in more detail below:

Thanks to Iceuniverse, we also know why the S11 would need such a powerful battery. It's been heavily rumoured that the phone would sport a 120Hz refresh rate, creating incredibly smooth motion on the phone screen. 

For the uninitiated, a refresh rate refers to the number of times the phone updates with new images every second. The higher the number, the more often images are added, creating the equivalent of a smooth stop-motion animation. 120Hz is higher than most phones, creating clear, smooth movement onscreen. 

However, this inevitably uses more of the phone's power. A next-level battery like the 5,000mAh would help to mitigate this, creating a phone with an amazing display which doesn't compromise on battery life. Samsung has always prided itself on the quality of its displays,  and the Galaxy S11 should prove to be no exception in that regard.

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