Samsung Galaxy S11 secret weapon to smoke Huawei P40 Pro revealed

The latest Galaxy S11 leak shows it's got the one feature its competitors are missing

Samsung Galaxy S11
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We're not expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy S11 until around February 2020 – assuming Samsung continues its annual cycle of smartphone releases – but as we creep closer to launch date, more information is being leaked about the tech giant's latest flagship phone. And according to one bullet-proof tipster, the Galaxy S11 has a feature that will outshine the Huawei P40 Pro, the iPhone 11 and even the newly-announced Google Pixel 4.

On Twitter, Samsung leakster-in-chief Ice universe was reporting from the Samsung OnePlus 7T conference and discussing the device's refresh rate. They mentioned the S11 in passing, and said to 'set the refresh rate to 60Hz instead of 120Hz or 90Hz' once the phone is released to see the difference for yourself.

If Ice universe is right, and when it comes round to calling future Samsung hardware he is 99 per cent of the time, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will be packing a 120Hz refresh rate, outperforming competitors like the Huawei P40 Pro to ensure a faster, clearer, smoother experience when gaming, watching videos or simply swiping across the screen.

Sure enough a few savvy Twitter users also caught this casually-dropped leak... 

Of course, higher refresh rates mean more power output and less battery life, so if true, we're anxious to see how Samsung grapples with this particular problem. Stay tuned for more leaks as they happen as we inch closer to the official Samsung Galaxy S11 reveal.

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