Samsung Galaxy Ring expected to launch in July with wireless payments

Samsung Galaxy Ring could launch sooner than you think with surprising features

Samsung Galaxy Ring at Unpacked presentation
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The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Ring could be launching during Samsung’s next Unpacked event in July.

Alongside these release rumours, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is expected to be equipped with health and sleep measurement features, wireless payments and the ability to control other devices.

Good news for smart ring fans: the Samsung Galaxy Ring could be launching in the second half of July 2024, with a huge set of health and smart home features. In an article from ETNews, the outlet speculated that the smart ring will have blood flow measurement and ECG monitoring, as well as wireless payments and control over other Samsung devices.

Since the surprise ‘mini launch’ during Samsung’s January Unpacked event, there’s been much speculation about when the Samsung Galaxy Ring will arrive and what it will be able to do when it does. News surrounding the smart ring has been relatively slow, but since January, we’ve heard rumours about its design and capabilities.

Now, thanks to a recent post from the Korean publication ETNews, Samsung reportedly has plans to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Ring at its next Unpacked event in the second half of July. Many publications are also speculating that it could be announced alongside Samsung’s next flip and fold phones, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6.

Alongside this launch announcement, ETNews has also claimed that the Samsung Galaxy Ring will come equipped with health and sleep tracking features, including blood flow measurement and electrocardiogram (ECG) functions. With these features, the Samsung Galaxy Ring will be able to monitor its users’ heart rate and detect possible heart problems, like abnormal heart rhythms.

But that’s not all. Similar to the best smartwatches, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is expected to offer wireless payments and support remote control of other devices. Samsung Pay and Samsung SmartThings are already available on its phones and smartwatches, so it looks like this functionality could be added to the new wearable.

How the Samsung Galaxy Ring will be able to control ‘other devices’ is a question everyone wants answers to. It seems pretty wild to me that the Samsung Galaxy Ring could turn off your TV or start your vacuum cleaner, so only time will tell how this functionality will work.

The expected launch date seems surprisingly close considering the features that Samsung allegedly plans to pack into its first smart ring. But ETNews also stated that the Samsung Galaxy Ring is in the prototype production stage, with sizing expected to be subdivided into around eight types… so we’ll just have to wait and see!

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