Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to include new features that we've never seen before

Another patent leak shows that Samsung is bringing unexpected tech to the Galaxy Note 20 phablet

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
(Image credit: TT Technology)

Now that the Galaxy S20 has been revealed and Samsung's second foldable is on the market with the Galaxy Z Flip, all eyes are on the tech giant's Galaxy Note range. The next iteration of Samsung's phablet is expected to launch this summer alongside the follow up to the Galaxy Fold, which we're calling the Fold 2 unless it also gets the 2020 rebrand and sticks a zero on the end. 

We haven't heard much about the device yet, but there have been reports of a 120Hz display, and a state of the art processor. But now it seems that Samsung may be packing even more features into the handset, and surprisingly, it looks like the biometric functionality that are usually the remit of smartwatches could be one of them. 

YouTube channel TT Technology reports that a patent granted to Samsung for its waterfall display also includes grip-based sensors - EMG for ascertaining muscular health, EEG for measuring brain activity, and ECG for monitoring heart health. 

While these aren't unusual for other devices, like smartwatches, we've never seen these implemented in a smartphone before, and we're curious as to what plans Samsung envisions for the Note 20.  

The video also shows off renders of what the handset might look like, and touches on the holographic smartphone projector - also mentioned in the patent - that can create stereoscopic images, meaning we may even see this pop in the Note 20.

With so little information to go on, it's difficult to predict what new features and improvements Samsung has up its sleeve for its next Galaxy Note, but with the Galaxy S20 Ultra's impressive list of specs, it's sure to be a beast. 

Source: TT Technology via Tom's Guide 

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