Roblox is finally coming to PlayStation and parents will be thrilled

Well, most anyway

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I'm a week away from my 28th birthday and already starting to feel like a grumpy old man. In my youth, I used to love playing with the best Lego, but kids these days not only have these physical bricks to play with, but also digital ones. Fortnite and Minecraft are astoundingly popular creative tools for kids of all ages, but the biggest of them all, Roblox, is finally coming to PlayStation

With over 200 million monthly players, Roblox is a phenomenon but is currently not available on the PS5 or PS4. Currently, those who are looking to create their own worlds or play the best user-generated content have to stick to Xbox, PC or mobile versions.  Both the PS5 and PS4 versions are set to arrive in October. 

Roblox is free to play, which means PlayStation players won't need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play online. Players can choose to purchase 'Robux', an in-game currency for cosmetic items and upgrades and there is a subscription "Premium" tier that offers player trading and marketplace features as well as regular Robux, starting from £4.99 a month. 

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As well as Sony's console, Roblox has also been confirmed to be coming to the Meta Quest this month (September), to offer a VR experience. PlayStation has its own VR headset, the PSVR2, but there is no word yet on whether this will be supported in the PlayStation edition.

Roblox is a great way to get children to learn basic programming skills in a fun environment. Some Roblox player-made experiences have even become full-time jobs and sources of income. Of course, it also often involves playing online with strangers so parents should take care. 

With Roblox coming to PlayStation, any parents obsessed with Starfield might be grateful that they will have free access to the Xbox and/or the PC. 

Andy Sansom
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