Ring’s new video doorbell has its most advanced motion detection yet

Ring announces new video doorbell with 3D motion detection and birds-eye views

Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro
(Image credit: Ring)

Ring has launched its new battery-powered video doorbell, the Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro. The brand’s most advanced video doorbell to date comes with improved 3D motion detection and birds-eye views for clearer vision and more precise alerts.

The new video doorbell is packed with many new and exciting features for better recording and video clarity, which will be available to buy in March.

Smart security company, Ring has just announced its most advanced battery-powered video doorbell yet. The Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro offers 3D motion detection and better viewing angles than before, so you’ll never have to worry about missing the door again.

Best known for its collections of best video doorbells, Ring announced the first doorbell to its Pro line of devices in 2021, and packed them full of radar technology and improved motion alerts and monitoring. Now, Ring is expanding its Pro collection and its battery doorbell options with the new Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro.

Taking a look at the Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro, it looks extremely similar to its predecessors with its black and silver colourway. Compared to the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, the camera part of the doorbell is significantly wider, which allows for a better and wider field of view.

Speaking of views, the Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro has been upgraded with Bird’s Eye View and Bird’s Eye Zones, to give you an aerial perspective of the outside of your home. This new viewing experience also helps the doorbell pinpoint the action and movement in an exact location before it sends an alert.

The most impressive feature of the new Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro is its 3D Motion Detection. Backed by radar technology, Ring has refined its motion detection within its new video doorbell, so users receive more accurate and streamlined alerts. In combination with the new birds-eye view, this new technology ensures the Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro provides specific information and more context for individual motion events.

Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro

(Image credit: Ring)

I currently have a Ring video doorbell, and couldn’t be happier with its detection and recording capabilities. The one issue I have is that the video quality could be a bit tighter, but Ring has solved this problem by giving the Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro 1536p HD video with colour night vision.

For better video definition and clearer images, the Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro uses Dynamic Image processing and high-efficiency compression so your live view and video recordings are sharper and more life-like. Its imaging sensors have also been enhanced for better colour and clarity, and the Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro now comes with low-light sight, so it can see clearer colour even when it’s dark at night.

Other notable features include two-way talk with Audio+, customisable motion and privacy zones, Alexa compatibility with Package and Person Alerts in the Ring app for Ring Protect subscribers.

Available in March, the Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro will cost £199.99 at Ring, Amazon and other select retailers.

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