PS5 VR Motion Controller is an Xbox-beating game-changer

A PS5 with PS VR 2 and one of these VR tracking controllers is the stuff that gaming dreams are made of

PS5 PlayStation 5 PS VR 2
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PS5 hype is now so intense that PS5 pre-orders have sold out all around the world, with gamers desperate for a new wave of consoles to be made available – and the good news is that more are incoming.

That hype has been driven by the stunning hardware and software reveals we've seen so far, with gamers blown away by awesome PS5 games, as well as the PlayStation 5 consoles and accessories, the latter including a DualSense charging dock, media remote, HD camera, and Pulse 3D gaming headset.

So far, though, we've not heard anything about the long-rumored PlayStation VR 2, which has been slated to be incoming for PS5.

Well, now we might just have got our first look at what the PS VR 2's new VR tracking controller is going to look like, with Dutch tech site LetsGoDigital discovering an official Sony patent that shows a brand new motion controller with futuristic design and features.

PS5 PlayStation 5 PS VR 2

The motion controller, as depicted in the official Sony Interactive Entertainment patent.

(Image credit: Sony / LetsGoDigital)

Sony PS5 PlayStation 5 PS VR 2

An illustration of how Sony Interactive Entertainment envision the VR tracking controller to be used.

(Image credit: Sony)

As can be seen in the above images, which are taken directly from the official Sony Interactive Entertainment patent, as well as from the 34-page patent filing's copy, this is a next-gen tracking controller with a handle, which can be used in one or two hands with multiple controllers.

Right now Sony's motion controller for VR games is the PlayStation Move, but that is just a stick with tracking globe on the end. This new tracking controller looks a lot more like the Oculus Touch controller from Oculus.

This isn't the first time we've heard about Sony working on a new VR controller, either, with a patent filed back in 2018 showing a motion controller with strap and trigger mechanism.

What's evident from the imagery in the patent, too, is that it has a joystick and numerous buttons, and can also have a touch sensor and trigger button attached as well. Simply put, it looks like the PS Move equivalent for the yet to be announced PlayStation VR 2 gaming headset.

As to when that headset is supposed to be hitting store shelves, the most recent rumors say that we're looking at a late 2021 release date. This makes sense in T3's eyes as it will come one-year in from the PS5 release date and be the new hardware PlayStation gamers will want come the 2021 winter holiday season.

And, as Xbox has seemingly no plans to launch a VR headset of its own, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer going on record that "nobody is asking for" VR as it is "isolating", it would be a great up-sell for gamers still on the fence next year as to which console they should buy.

Now, obviously, while patents are a great indicator of what a company is working on, and what product areas they are looking to develop products for, they are in no way an cast-iron guarantee that the specific product listed will ever come to market. As such, we advise you to take this patent with a pinch of salt.

That said, though, it seems obvious to us that a PS VR 2 headset would have a brand new motion controller, as tech has moved on massively since the PlayStation Move days. And considering the output of HTC Vive and Oculus recently, the design and abilities of this PS5 motion controller seem bang on the money.

Hopefully we will hear more about the PS VR 2 and its new motion tracking controllers sooner rather than later. What could the PS VR 2 headset look like? This awesome concept video gives our best idea yet.

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