PS5 restocks: Here's where you can buy PS5 in the next 24 hours

Our PS5 stock tracker will tip you off on upcoming PS5 restocks so you can get your hands on your next-gen console at last

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The PS5 is still in short supply despite launching ten months ago, with sporadic and limited restocks doing little to resolve the demand, but if you're following a PS5 stock tracker, your chances of beating scalpers and their bots as well as your fellow shoppers are going to increase significantly. 

The Xbox Series X restocks have been somewhat more plentiful, but we're seeing another wave of PS5 restocks, so PlayStation fans can look forward to more consoles hitting retailer shelves in their regions. 

While our T3 PS5 stock tracker should keep you updated, it's worth bookmarking stock trackers on social media, or checking in at the retailers below to catch any sneaky restocks as some drop with no warning whatsoever. Be sure to make accounts at retailers where this is an option, and save your payment information (check the site is secure) so that you can fly through checkout when more PS5s crop up. Keeping the console in your wishlist should also help.

For the students among the gamers searching for a PS5, there's no doubting that taking a PS5 to college or university will be good for unwinding. That's why we've added our PS5 restock roundup in our back to school guide. Getting one before the new term begins, though, is easier said that done. Our guide will do everything in power to help you buy PS5.

Where to buy PS5 in the UK

GAME has been tipped to drop PS5 consoles tomorrow morning (July 22), between 8AM - 10AM. There should be bundles as well as standalone consoles on offer. One stock trackers says that if you select Priority delivery, you'll get your console shipped by July 27. If not, you'll need to wait until August 2 before it ships. They're also advising to try pre-ordering in-store.   View Deal

John Lewis
John Lewis is tipped to be getting more PS5 consoles any time between now and the end of next week. While it doesn't tend to have the biggest allotments, it isn't very well known with gamers, thereby making it a good left-field choice. Get an account setup and signed in to and keep your eyes peeled.View Deal

A PS5 stock tracker account says that Currys PC World has had a shipment of PS5 consoles today, but that the stock is likely going to fill the VIP in-store pre-orders. Keep an eye on the site though, just in case. View Deal

Argos had a PS5 restock today so we don't imaging it'll be having another in the coming days. But as always, it's worth keeping an eye on.View Deal
No updates for for now, but the retailer has PS5 accessories in stock, including the Sony PlayStation 5 HD Camera and Sony PlayStation 5 Media Remote.View Deal

It's quiet on the ShopTo front as well, Hopefully we'll see more PS5 Digital Edition stock flood its online page as Sony shifts the last of it before beinging out the redesigned model.View Deal

Amazon UK
Amazon UK dropped more PS5 consoles last month, as well as couple of weeks ago. The US site saw a restock this afternoon, but the UK site has likely run dry for now. The retailer has one of the most robust stores in terms of not crashing and getting people through checkout, so well worth scoping out.View Deal

Smyths Toys
Smyths Toys got a PS5 restock yesterday, with both the standard and digital editions available. As expected, they sold out super fast. We'll keep an eye on the retailer in case it gets another stock injection, but it's unusual to have another so soon, so we're not getting our hopes up. View Deal

Very released more PS5 consoles this week, so we're likely done for now. Very does bundles as well as single consoles, too, so gamers have double the chance to score a system.View Deal has introduced a PS5 ballot system but it's not for a standalone console. The bundle on offer is actually pretty pricey, but its Xbox Series X ballots have been effective at stopping scalpers and bots. Be sure to register your interest to throw your hat into the ring.View Deal

Where to buy PS5 in Australia

Big W
Big W is pegged for a PS5 restock tomorrow, July 22, following Amazon AU's stock drop today. A PS5 stock tracker suggests looking out for the restock at 10AM AEST, so bookmark the store's PS5 page!View Deal

Amazon AU
Amazon AU rolled out a PS5 restock today, in line with the other regions' PS5 stock. Don't expect another one in the immediate future, but it's always worth keeping an eye on the retailer, just in case.View Deal

Sony Store Australia
Both versions of the Sony PS5 have now sold out at the official Australian Sony Store. You can register your interest though, so we heartily recommend doing that while we wait for more updates. View Deal

JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi finally got a PS5 restock last week. It's not been great for restocks, with the landing page for the system reading, "due to high demand and limited stock allocations from Sony we are not taking further orders at this time" for a good while. View Deal

Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman's PS5 pre-orders are all out, with the retailer in PS5 restock limbo. Worth checking every now and then, but there's no sign of an imminent restock.View Deal

EB Games
Not what gamers want to see: EB Games is currently sold out of both consoles and there's no indication of another restock any time soon. View Deal

The Gamesmen
The Gamesmen, unsurprisingly, don't have any PS5 consoles in stock. Their restocks are intermittent and there's little notice, so not a retailer we're expecting to see anything from any time soon. View Deal

Where to buy PS5 Digital Edition

Where to buy PS5 accessories

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