PS5 restock: Argos set for major stock drop later this week

Get a standalone PlayStation 5 without any add-ons

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A major PlayStation 5 restock is set to take place from Argos later this week and while stock has been arriving in decent quantity as of late, this specific drop should have your full attention for one very good reason.

Check PS5 stock at Argos now

That's because Argos is set to go live with a shipment of standalone PS5 consoles, according to the reliable PS5 stock tracker Talha Sonmez (over 225,000 followers). So this means no games, no additional controllers, no headsets and no random t-shirts that no one ever wants in the first place – just a simple standalone PS5 console at its standard retail price.

Sony's next-gen console has been more readily available as of late, however, it's more commonly found as part of bundle deals, such as the Horizon Forbidden West bundle that has made its way to most retailers in recent months. This is great for those that want those specific games and can afford them, yet not so great for those of us that want to save some cash or would prefer other titles. 

Thankfully, Argos is now going to give consumers a terrific opportunity to pick up a standalone PS5 console.  It's noted that both disc and digital editions will be up for grabs, although digital consoles may possibly be sold in bundles. Stock is reportedly being shipped on June 13th with a go-live date expected for June 17th, 2022. 

To be in with the best chance of securing a console via Argos, make sure to have an account set up already with the retailer and to keep an eye on social media (including T3's Twitter) to know exactly when stock is live. It's also worth checking your local store, as we've seen lots of successes in-person as opposed to online when it comes to Argos. 

To keep up with all the latest stock drops, head to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker for the latest details. Meanwhile, Amazon just introduced a new system to make getting a Sony console that much simpler. 

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