Amazon introduces new system to make getting a PS5 simpler

Finally, no waking up at 5AM

Amazon logo and PS5 DualSense controller
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Amazon has rolled out a new invite-only system that will make it easier for consumer to purchase a PlayStation 5 console.

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While numerous retailers (especially in the UK) have been receiving a much more frequent supply of PS5 consoles over the past month or so, Amazon sales remain incredibly competitive. As a result, anyone trying to get a console through the world's biggest online retailer will likely struggle, regardless if there first to the stock or not. 

The only hurdle was that to purchase a console via Amazon, you also needed to have access to an Amazon Prime account. Not anymore! Now Amazon will send you a direct invitation via email that will take you straight through to the retailer to make the transaction.

To be eligible for the invite-only system, log in to your Amazon account and select the option to request an invitation on the PS5 listing. It's located where the "Add to Basket" button normally is. Be aware that the link is only available for 72 hours maximum and it does not confirm you a console – not even Sony's own PlayStation Direct exclusive queues do that. 

It does massively shift the odds in your favour while removing the hassle of searching the web endlessly or getting up ridiculously early to get one. Once secured, you can start playing Sony's top titles such as Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Elden Ring, and the recently released Sniper Elite 5

The new invite-only system is limited to Amazon in the US for the meanwhile, however, is expected to roll out globally sometime in the future. 

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