PS5 set for MAJOR software updates that will change the way you use your console

A host of new features have been uncovered for the PS5 and we're here for them

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The PS5 is packing a bunch of improvements and upgrades compared to the PS4, and even the controller has had an overhaul, ditching the DualShock moniker for the new DualSense.

Although the software side of things has been mostly kept under wraps, a new leak has exposed a number of new features that are reportedly on the way, including supersized parties and console wishlists. 

The revelation comes from the PlayStation Store's web page source code that redditor u/Kgarvey had a dig around in. This lead to ResetEra user Toumari posting additional findings, suggesting that wishlists are finally coming to Sony's console, and not just limited to the web-based store. 

Wishlists rolled out for the web version of the store back in 2015, but if you like to browse games on your console rather than your PC, tablet, or mobile, this is going to be a huge improvement to the user experience. 

Currently, PlayStation's wishlist doesn't notify players when titles in their list go on sale, so hopefully this is something that will be added with the console rollout.  

It looks like party chat is in for an upgrade too, with up to 100 players allegedly being supported, which sounds like it could devolve into chaos, but if you're been desperate to hang out with 99 of your closest friends online, this is going to be fantastic news.

Other party updates include being able to change the party name and icon, and the most exciting aspect is cross-gen party chat, allowing you to chat to friends "across PS4, PS5 and PlayStation App" via voice or message.

The source code apparently also references backwards compatibility and its limitations, although Sony has said that the PS5 will be backwards compatible with 99% of PS4 games.

Something called 'PS5 boost mode' and 'takedown' were also discovered, with no explanation of what they may be. Boost mode presumably applies to PS4 titles getting a boost in performance on the new console. What takedown refers to is anyone's guess.

Of course, you should take all of this with a pinch of salt and temper your expectations until Sony releases official word about the console's software upgrades, or you have it in your hands come November.  

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