PS5 restock: Amazon stock going live soon, here's the details

A great chance to get a console in time for Elden Ring

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Amazon is set for another big PlayStation 5 restock later this week, giving consumers a fantastic opportunity to get their hands on a console in time for the launch of Elden Ring. 

Check PS5 stock at Amazon now

The stock drop is expected to take place on either the morning of February 22nd or February 23rd, according to the always reliable PS5 Stock UK Twitter account. This would mark the first restock from Amazon in over a month, after previously going live with PS5 consoles on January 19th.

Going off its history, Amazon usually puts stock up for sale on a Wednesday with five out of its last seven stock drops taking place on that particular day of the week. So if we had to stick money on it, the odds are that it will go live on February 23rd. 

Anyone interested in securing a console will have to be up nice and early for this one, with PS5 stock set to go live anytime between 8AM to 9:30AM UK time. This is expected to be comprised of standalone disc and digital consoles. Amazon typically doesn't offer bundles. 

To be in with the best chance, we recommend being online prior to the time stated above. Next to this, it's worth adding the PS5 console to your Amazon wish list so you're able to move the product straight to your basket – saving crucial time. It's also worth being aware that you must be an Amazon Prime member to be able to make the purchase.

Additionally, make sure to read up on handy tips guide on how to beat the bots and secure a console. For everything else, head on over to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker for the latest information. 

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