PS5 price leaks on Amazon — and, YAY!, it's super affordable 🥳

The Sony PS5 price has leaked on Amazon, and the great news for gamers is that it is wallet friendly

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UPDATE: Bad news, everyone, Amazon France has just confirmed that "The screenshot showing a PS5 product page on with a price of 499€ and a release date on November 20 is a fake and is not coming from our website."

This, while disappointing to hear, is interesting as it does not address whether or not the PS5 will actually retail for €499 as the leak suggested it would. It is only natural, after all, that Amazon would not be able to confirm or deny the price of an item before it is officially listed.

It looks like while this image showing a PS5 price is fake, we could still see the PS5 retail for the price it shows. Hopefully we will hear more about PlayStation 5 pricing soon.

Original story now continues...

We said the other day when reporting on the latest PS5 price leak that rumours had the PlayStation 5 slated to retail for £499 / €499 / $499, and now here comes the latest hint yet that the next-gen console could indeed ring in at that level.

The new PS5 price hint comes via established future tech leaker and concept creator Ben Geskin, who posted up a screengrab on Twitter that showed the PS5's listing page on Amazon France.

As can be seen by the post, the PS5 listing is shown to have the full-fat Sony PlayStation 5 console available for €499. This is the console that comes with a disc drive, which will be able to play physical PS5 games as well as 4K Blu-rays.

Naturally, considering this is the full-fat PlayStation 5, Geskin then postulates that this price point could lead the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which does not come with a disc drive, could retail for €399.

Now, of course, this could be an elaborate fake that has just been circulated by Geskin, but here at T3 we think both those price points mentioned sound feasible, and if the console does retail for €499, we fully expect that to translate as £499 and $499 in the UK and US respectively. And that, simply put, would be a great result for gamers.

Yes, €499 is not a small amount of money, however it is totally reachable in our opinion by the vast majority of gamers, and also banishes the spectre of $599, which is what the PS3 retailed for at launch and we all know how badly that went.

€499 just feels like a sweet spot, whereby Sony either breaks even on hardware or takes a small hit, but gamers find the PS5 price approachable and affordable.

After all, it must be remembered that the PS5 is a next-gen piece of gaming tech that comes loaded with a GPU capable of real time ray tracing and an SSD that obliterates the current gen in terms of loading times.

There's also the feature-packed DualSense controller and custom 3D audio chip delivered, too, and that is saying nothing of the 4K Blu-ray player. As such, it really feels like €499 is the lowest Sony could go in terms of pricing, so the fact that it appears gamers will be able to shop for that low price seems like something to absolute congratulate Sony for.

Here's hoping that £499 / €499 / $499 is official, as if it is, we can easily foresee many happy gamers unwrapping PlayStation 5 consoles come this winter holiday season.

Elsewhere in PS5 news, Simon Rutter, executive vice-president at PlayStation, has been explaining why PlayStation 5 exclusives like Gran Turismo 5 will look so astonishing on the next-gen console.

Rutter noted that Gran Turismo 7 "is going to benefit from almost every single technological enhancement" that the PS5 delivers, and that includes graphical effects like real time ray tracing, as well as 3D audio.

Speaking specifically on the PS5's 3D audio Rutter said that:

"Sitting in the cockpit, the 3D audio allows you to hear the thunderous roar of a Ferrari behind you or in front of you, and you can recognise the difference between that and the engine noise of a Maserati."

While when talking about the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller he noted that:

"Driving the car using the DualSense controller, you’ll have a different feeling in your hands from the smooth undulating tarmac of a racetrack, compared to the gritty sensation on a gravel track. Pressing a soft accelerator will feel very different than pressing on a stiff brake pedal or gear paddle."

There's also been more great news for gamers eager to get hands on with a PS5 console, as the visually spectacular Pragmata, first shown off in the PlayStation 5 event last week, has just got an extended trailer (see above).

Pragmata is coming to PS5 in 2022 and, well, apart from that not much is known about it. In the trailer we see a man wearing a super-advanced space suit meeting up with a young girl and a holographic cat. Yep, sounds perfectly normal!

From there we see all sorts of madness including a fake sky, a satellite crashing back through said fake sky down to Earth, and then, somehow, the astronaut and young girl standing on the Moon.

This extended trailer delivers a little more in terms of the Earth environment, as well as a bit more interaction between the girl and the holo cat.

And, while we're talking PS5 game news, more details have broken about the wonderfully bonkers Bugsnax.

Young Horses, the developer behind Bugsnax, has now confirmed that the game is "a first person adventure game where you play as a journalist who is sent a mysterious film from an adventurer named Elizabert Megafig". It has also been confirmed that haptic feedback will be an in-game feature and that "running around in the environment and feeling the different types of terrain under your feet while sprinting is really cool and weird."

Sounds super exciting to us here at T3, and will no doubt go down well with younger gamers. There was definitely a big Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs vibe with Bugnax, so we can't wait to get stuck in, so to speak.

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